Sunday Summary

Okay, so it’s really late but here it is.

  1. It’s been a nice, low key weekend, which is exactly what I needed.  I got to take a nap Saturday and today.
  2. I came in at 253 sales for the month of September.  That’s down a little over 13% in profits, and a little under 13% in number of copies sold over August.  My rankings are hanging out steadily in the 1-3k range.  This was wholly expected in relation to the post-summer slow down.  I’ve topped 1600 total copies sold (not sure how many I’ve sold via my other distributors as I get quarterly reports from them and don’t expect another until sometime this month).
  3. I finally got my Pubit! invite and got Forsaken By Shadow uploaded directly to Barnes and Noble.  I’m going to post more detailed info on how that’s going later this week
  4. I finished reading the third Strange Angels book this weekend, which I loved.  I’m almost done with Hex Hall, which I’m also loving.  And I’m closing in on the end of Incarceron, which I’m listening to in audio.  It is AMAZING.  READ IT.
  5. I had a few good breakthroughs with my revised plot for Devil’s Eye over the weekend, so I’m hoping to get the outline revised and a list of necessary changes made this week, so that I can work on getting it finished this month, leaving November clear to focus on Red.
  6. Things I am loving this week: peanut ginger chews by The Ginger People and Gold’s Gym Cardio Workout (but OH, the ANGRY ANGRY quads!)
  7. Pot’s been out of town most of the week and Claire’s been busy with The Capstone Experience, so I’ve been a lonely girl.  But they’ll be back this week!

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