Stuff I’m Reading and Library Frustrations

I’ve been reading a lot lately.  Snips and snatches here and there.  I have a book I read on the stationary bike.   A book I sip on while I wait for my work computer to boot up.  Another one I read while cooking breakfast.  Another in the car.

So here’s what I’ve been reading lately:

Incarceron by Catherine Fisher: I just finished this in audio and the narrator is AMAZING.  The book is fantastic and I can’t say enough good things about it.  I can’t remember the last time I read a book with so many unpredictable twists!  Read it.  It’s great.

Jealousy by Lili St. Crow: The third in the Strange Angels series, I really enjoyed this.  It left me hanging and waiting desperately for the fourth book by putting a favorite character in peril.  But there was enough in the story that it didn’t leave me MEH because it’s a middle book (which is too often the case).

Hex Hall by Rachel Hawkins:  It wasn’t what I was expecting and was a WHOLE LOT FUNNIER.  She didn’t do what I wanted or expected with the love interest, but it’s a series, so there’s time yet.  Really enjoyed the author’s voice.

And just to prove that I’m reading the occasional, you know, grown up book…

Slave to Sensation by Nalini Singh: This is the first in her Psy-Changling series, which I nabbed in ebook from the library before I went to Omaha.  I picked it up to tide me over as I wait desperately for the 3rd Archangel book (due out in MARCH!).  Loved.  Enough that after dark fell I was using my iPhone as a flashlight to read while my husband drove, just so I could find out how it ended.  Of course now I want to read the rest but the library skips from Book 1 to Books 6 and 7.  HELLO?  WTH?  Where are 2-5?  Libraries do this SO OFTEN, it’s like there’s not a single coherent thought relating to what they buy.  Drives me NUTS.

Right now I’m finishing up

Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare, which I’m really enjoying, though I miss my Jace and can’t wait for City of Fallen Angels.

Blood Sins by Kay Hooper, second in the Blood trilogy.  I just started this yesterday and I haven’t decided if I like it yet.

Paranormalcy by Kiersten White, which I’m finding very amusing.

On deck after these is

I Am Number Four by Pittacus Lore, which I found via ParaJunkee and was really intrigued by.


Soulstice by Simon Holt, the second in the Devouring series, just in time for Halloween

I swear, I really do have lots of grown up books in my TBR pile, but I just… I keep finding myself dissatisfied by adult books right now, and I keep reaching for the YA and then buying more.  Whatever that says about me, I’m loving almost everything I’m reading.

Q4U: What are you reading and loving (or hating)?

4 thoughts on “Stuff I’m Reading and Library Frustrations

  1. I’m reading The Synthesis by Jason Letts. It’s not a romance, it’s kind of fantasy and has that kind of voice. So it’s a slow read for me but I like it. Superpowers.

    I just read the third in the Max Ride series on audio, which I liked ok. I’m still into that enough to continue with it. I’m on hold for #4 from the library.

    Also on audio I’m reading Shiver. I’m about 2/3 through it. There are aspects of the story I enjoy, but it’s the kind of voice that feels overwritten to me and is hard for me to get into. For me, it’s a lot of what I loved about the first Twilight without the easy voice I loved in the first Twilight.

    A very incomplete list of stuff I want to read in no particular order:
    Incarceron, Catherine Fisher
    Equilibrium (Quantum releases 11/16), Imogen Rose
    Glimmer (in beta), Stacey Benefiel
    Catching Fire, Suzanne Collins
    Clockwork Angel, Cassandra Clare
    A Happily Ever After of Her Own, Nadia Lee
    Cabin Fever, Felicity Heaton
    The Nights Before Christmas, Kerry Allen
    Buffy Season 8
    Astonishing X-Men
    Serenity Those Left Behind
    Brody’s Ghost vol. 2, Mark Crilley, when it comes out
    finish the Mortal Instruments, Cassandra Clare
    finish the Maximum Ride series, James Patterson
    finish Wicked Lovely, Melissa Marr

  2. Too funny! I just wrote a blog yesterday entitled What I’m Reading. I just finished “Kill the Story” by John Luciew. It’s a good murder mystery. I’m reading lots of different genres this year. Right now I’m rereading “Blood Lust” in its entirety since there was a lot of time between reading the three novellas originally. I’m also listening to an audiobook by Joe Hill (Stephen King’s son). It’s actually a compilation of his short stories. They’re ok, but I don’t generally like short stories…they usually leave me wanting. I also want to read his novel “Heart-Shaped Box”.

  3. Well, having worked at a library, I can tell you that it’s not always the fault of the library. Sometimes books will get damaged, and there’s no money to replace them. Or perhaps book 6 was where the library buyer started the series, and some kind soul donated book 1 to the collection. Again – no money for 2-5 means a gap in the collection. Or perhaps the buyer changed after book 1 and then again before book 6, and the middle buyer didn’t want to get sexy paranormals for the shelves.

    On the other hand, sometimes it’s just an annoying oversight. 😉

    1. Well these are ebooks, so it’s not an issue of damage or donations. Apparently the publisher focuses on putting the newest ones out and the back ones get done in a weird order.

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