Kicking Things Off With Barnes and Noble’s Pubit!

FINALLY, two weeks after I made my initial listing with Pubit!, the correct product description is up for Forsaken By Shadow. The duplicate listing from Smashwords is down, and all the reviews and ratings have been merged between those two listings.  I’m listed correctly in categories AT LAST, but of course I’m still hanging out at the very bottom of rankings (a single sale in a day will shoot me from the 200k range to somewhere in the 100k range).  I need to raise my visibility!

So, just like I did with Amazon, I’m giving away free review copies to anyone who is willing to go leave an honest review at Barnes and Noble.  I’m doing an event on Goodreads for it, as I feel I’ll actually have a greater pool of people to pull from who haven’t already read the novella.  Of course if you have already read it and want to toddle over to Barnes and Noble and leave a review, that would be awesomesauce and totally increase your good karma (to those who have already done so, you are also awesomesauce).  If you haven’t read it and would like to and are willing to leave an honest review at Barnes and Noble (and anywhere else your little heart desires), email me at kaitnolanwriter (at) gmail (dot) com. Offer good through November 15th and not limited to U.S. residents.

One thought on “Kicking Things Off With Barnes and Noble’s Pubit!

  1. You touched on a issue which has been on my mind: Visibility and where to submit a publication. The things I don’t know I don’t know. 🙂

    I just finished Blood Lust by Zoe Winters yesterday and saw your first three chapters of Forsaken by Shadow in the back. Nice placement. 🙂 I was surprised to see it cause I expected another 9% of Blood Lust, only to turn the page and find I was at the end but also at the beginning of a teaser.

    As a reader, I love samples. But I hate having to find them or download them. This way it’s already at my fingertips.

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