Sunday Summary

  1. It’s been a good weekend, if not particularly restful.
  2. Yesterday we FINALLY got around to the super, duper, move all the furniture deep clean of the living room.  Which was originally scheduled in March for the day after hubs broke his leg.  So yeah, it needed it then and had 7 additional months of grime and dust built up under and behind furniture.  I swear it should have been declared a biohazard.  But now it’s clean, we finally have the rug pad under our rug (which is no longer sliding around with our workouts), the curtains were washed, and we did a little rearranging that got us about 10 extra inches of space.  Doesn’t sound like much, but in a room this tiny, every inch counts.
  3. My brain finally decided to cooperate on Devil’s Eye this weekend and I got through another full scene.  I’m hoping this is the start of some new momentum.
  4. Today I also start the next round of lecture writing and class prep for spring semester. I’m having to rewrite the class I just prepped THIS semester because the textbook is just awful.  It’s too far above their heads and is way too advanced for an undergrad learning class.  So I’ve got a new book and must rewrite everything around that.  The good news is that the new book is MUCH clearer and easier to understand, which makes lecture writing easier and will be better for my students.  So a lecture a week on it between now and New Year’s will put me in good shape.
  5. I have made it to the advanced level of Gold’s Gym Cardio workout. Which means that I have spaghetti arms.  TIRED.  But the thing is WORKING.  All the motions of boxing are really toning me up and reshaping my body, which is nice.  Another couple of weeks and I should make it through the entire program.  Then I’ll start back with weighted gloves.  I’m convinced this is gonna keep me trim through the holiday season.
  6. I’ve been actively getting back on the food blogger wagon. Keep your eyes peeled over at Pots and Plots for some interesting new recipes this week, including Irish Nachos.

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