Morose Monday

So it’s finally happened.  The trickle down of the economy tanking has FINALLY made it to us.  Between state and federal taxes, the mandatory state retirement plan, and the fact that we’re about to have to start paying insurance premiums (we didn’t have to before), the $7k raise I got with my promotion is reduced to $240 extra bucks a month.  As far as I’m concerned, that’s not anywhere near enough of a raise to make the increase in responsibilities worth it. Meanwhile, I’m trying to muddle through the pea soup that is the explanation of these insurance changes, which make exactly zero sense.  If I want to keep the same coverage I’ve got but change to pre-tax deductions, do I need to fill out the form?  Who the heck knows.  Ugh, the whole thing makes me cranky.

I am wholly uninterested in being at work today.  I’d much rather be sleeping in, working out, and writing.  In that order.  I have zombies to hack and slash and a Resident Evil marathon to finish.  But instead I have meetings and reports and lectures to write.  Because real life kinda sucks.

In more positive news, I do have J.R. Ward’s latest, Crave, hanging out in my purse to dip into whenever things slow down for 5 minutes.  That’s exciting.  And the weather is beautiful at the moment.  And my dogs had a great play date at the dog park last night.  And my living room is clean.  And I’ve got half a roast chicken to do something with for dinner.  So life doesn’t totally suck.

I’ll be more cheerful tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “Morose Monday

  1. You didn’t have to pay insurance premiums before? Did your employer pay all of your insurance? We’re having to pay more since my husband lost his job and ended up having to take a lesser paying job and I had to take the insurance here at my job. So I feel your pain. Insurance is so confusing! And it’s about to get worse.

    Maybe, someday, all you’ll have to do is write. Wouldn’t that be wonderful?

    1. God, yes, that would be awesome.

      Yeah my employer used to pay everything (except deductibles, obviously).

      I think I’d be a lot less cranky if they had some nice idiot-proof charts that say “You are here” and then explain everything in very clear detail that a 10 year old could understand.

  2. Our copays went up, as did our premiums, and we now have a $250 deductible we never had before. Just makes me avoid the doctor–can’t afford to go. According to our dear governess who can’t stop spending money, there is no inflation so we get no cost of living raises, and although WA State is bringing in more revenue than ever before, there is a huge deficit (stop spending, woman!!!) and budgets are being brutally cut left & right.

    But even though I might have to wait another 10 years to start the allergy shots I desperately need, at least I have a job, it’s pretty safe from budget cuts and downsizing, I have an amazing new granddaughter at home, and a book-in-progress. I’m happy. 😉

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