Official Proof of My Crazy

I said I wasn’t gonna do it.  I have too much to do (which is the truth).  Evil Day Job 1, Evil Day Job 2, writing a new course for spring to go with the new book, promo stuff, IBC responsibilities, home improvement projects because we’re getting ready to list our house in a few months.  Adding anything else to my plate is sheer and complete insanity.

I signed up again for NaNo this morning.

Now I feel compelled to follow this announcement up with a statement that I know perfectly well that I am not going to end November with 50,000 words.  Despite many years of joining, I haven’t “won” NaNo since 2004, when I was in grad school and had considerably more free time for such insanity.  That was also the 6 month stretch before my hubby found a job down here, so I had nights to pour myself into writing that I ordinarily would spend with him.

But there’s just something about being a joiner, participating in the insanity, the momentum generated by thousands of people diving into their WIPs with abandon.

Last year I wrote a new class during NaNo.  Unconventional, but in 30 days instead of writing 50,000 words of fiction, I knocked out 10 lectures (trust me, this is a lot to do in 4 weeks).

This year, I plan to bull through Devil’s Eye, and THEN jump into uber lecture writing.  Which, if I pull it off, might come in somewhere close to 50k.  If it works, by the time November is over, I will have cleared my plate of both of the things distracting me from what I really want to be working on–Red. The hope is that I’ll be able to dive back into that December 1st.

I am (big shock) kaitnolan if you’d like to buddy me and watch my rapid descent into babbling incoherence.

7 thoughts on “Official Proof of My Crazy

  1. Like I said in a comment on Susan’s post, my three buddies last year had 0/50,000 in their stats. So I need some buddies that will at least try. I’ve added both you and Susan this year.

  2. LOL, Kait the number of things you regularly have on your plate just blow my mind! But I’m joining the craziness this year too. I’m PeachesNCream over there, though I think you and I are already buddies 🙂

  3. Aw, man! Between you and Susan it looks like I’m going to have to sign up too. I have stars in my eyes about busting out the next three DoS short stories so that I can concentrate on on Glow this spring and still have something to publish every couple of months. Here goes nothin.’

  4. Woohoo, another Nano convert! Welcome to the writing dark side. 😀

    This is my 4th year (won all 3 previous) and I’m really looking forward to starting. I agree with you, there is something about joining in the mad dash that really gets things going. I’m “Dreamers Cove” over there.

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