Sunday Summary

  1. Yesterday I bought and decorated our Christmas tree! This was actually preceded by some trauma because Lowes was understaffed and I had to load the tree myself and wound up with an eyeful of needles.  And I still had my grocery shopping to do at Walmart (I know, I lost my mind).  I wound up having to bull my way to the contact solution and try not to kill people as I navigated with one eye back to a bathroom (because naturally people were being especially idiotic and blocking the aisles more than usual) to flush it out.  By the time I finished, my eye was as red as my favorite snuggie.  Still didn’t manage to get all the trash out, but there was still grocery shopping to do.  On a SATURDAY during the HOLIDAY SEASON.  UGH.  It was traumatic. There’s so much extra STUFF crammed in the aisles that aren’t wide enough to begin with, and seemed to be an extra lot of people on the grocery side who had apparently never been grocery shopping before.  The whole concept of stopping in the aisles and staring at stuff other than produce and meat (which is something you actually CHECK for quality), blows my mind.  I know what I want, and my list doesn’t change much.  It isn’t rocket science.  Grab your usual crackers and go!  Get all the oblivious people out of my way and I could be in and out in ten minutes. Alas, that didn’t happen.  Try an hour.
  2. But then there were cookies to go along with the tree, and Polar Express last night, and hot chocolate in my special Smores Snowmen mugs, so it was okay.
  3. I finally got past the horribly troublesome second plot point scene in Devil’s Eye and am into the confrontation with the Big Bad and the final fight scene. I’m actually parsing together bits from the first draft that still work, and I’m hoping to get all those tweaks made this morning, which would just leave the sacrifice scene and the rewrite of the midpoint.
  4. I won’t be finishing it all today, however, as I have a crit I MUST get off my plate! This is a horrible time of year for crits.  We’re all SO BUSY trying to get our own stuff written and out…I feel compelled to say we should all plan better next year!
  5. I am determined to finish it this week and get it to beta readers before I leave for Texas on Saturday. I’m hoping that since it’s so short, they’ll be able to zip through it and get it back to me by the time I get back on Wednesday next, and that meanwhile, I can get to formally outlining the anthology story that I have due in February.  I want it off my plate before January so that nothing distracts me from Red.
  6. Speaking of Red, we should have a COVER REVEAL soon! The fabulous Robin is just about finished, but for a couple of minor tweaks I asked for.  I might even have it NEXT WEEK!  Whee!
  7. It finally got COLD again (was 63 while we were decorating the tree), which is a big yay. I love sweater weather.
  8. I should stop procrastinating and start writing while nobody else is awake…later!

5 thoughts on “Sunday Summary

  1. I feel for your contact issues. I was behind a lady in line the other day who was buying a wreath. The same wreath she lost control of and landed in my face. Needles in the eye, sap all over my face and hair. It was a good time!

  2. I try to shop like that, in and out in ten minutes, usually running over a few toes if they don’t move out of my way fast enough. My pet peeve are carts in the middle of the aisle and no owner in site, our screaming kids beggging for junk food. Glad you survived almost unscathed.

  3. One thing that really gets me is when two people who know each other, both with buggies, decide to stand there in the aisle talking to each other. They KNOW they are blocking the aisle. Grrrrrr.

    We got our tree done, too. My husband got a big fat one this year, so instead of hanging ornaments, we kind of had to “nestle” them into the tree. :0)

  4. Woot that Devil’s Eye is so close…can’t wait to read it!

    And that is why I do my shopping as early in the am as I can. Then I just have to worry about the fact the dumb store only has one check-out open besides the self-serve things which I refuse to use out of principle. Of course, I usually have too much for the self-serve anyway, LOL

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