Housekeeping And A Few New Features

Well, if you’re reading this at the site rather than via a feed reader or email, you will note that my menu bar beneath the header is suddenly less crowded.  So is my sidebar.  Last night I decided to do a little bit of clean up, so I made a series of nested menus.  I’ve moved Crit Partner Match under the About Kait tab, along with new pages for A Round of Words in 80 Days (for which I still need ONE MORE SPONSOR!  Volunteers?  Anybody?  C’mon!  You know you wanna!) and the Indie Book Collective, since I figured it made sense to have links to the assorted stuff I’ve started.

There is also a new My Fiction section with individual pages for Forsaken By Shadow, Devil’s Eye (which finally has a blurb now, thank you Susan), and Red (where you can now read the first chapter as a teaser).  Since the sidebar was getting crowded with links and such, I moved all the purchase point information and what not for all titles to their individual pages, and just left thumbnails of the covers in the sidebar, linking to those pages.  Hopefully it will make the site a little cleaner and easier to navigate.

I re-read the first chapter of Red myself last night and started grinning like an idiot.  I am so in love with this story.  Can’t wait to dive back in.  But must get Devil’s Eye out and finish a short story for an anthology I’m doing with a big group of other indie authors.  I’ll probably start outlining that one today while DE is with CPs.

Wow, that was totally not anywhere near my most interesting post.  Sorry for that.  It’s time for more caffeine.

But oh, never fear, I have a far more interesting post up over at Quiet Fury Books about what drove me to write paranormal.

2 thoughts on “Housekeeping And A Few New Features

  1. It got my attention, looking forward to reading a little bit of Red. Is always good to do a little housekeeping 🙂

  2. Yeah, I need to do some clean up on my blog, too, and change the banner, etc. I just wish I had more hours in the day. And I still don’t have Christmas shopping done. Grrrr.

    I am SO looking forward to reading both Devil’s Eye and Red. I know they’ll both be awesome.

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