Sunday Summary

  1. #ROW80 check-in.  Um.  Yeah, not so much. I’ve written about 1000 words since Wednesday.  Part of that is that I’ve hit another scene in my hero’s head and he’s incredibly cantankerous and doesn’t like to talk to me.  Part of it is I’m traveling.  I was in the car for 12 hours on Friday on the way to Kansas to see my BFF and her family, and since I got here, there have been many diversions in the realm of small people who insist that we must read Thomas the Tank Engine for the 800th time.  But that’s totally fine.  I knew I wouldn’t get much done.  I did, on the drive, figure out where I was going wrong in the scene I’ve been working on, so that’s something.
  2. Barnes and Noble wrote me back. Apparently they saw my blog post, so I heard back from someone higher up the chain who is, I presume, in charge of public embarrassment of the company.  I got a very polite, professional assurance that they’re working on it and anticipate that the keyword issue will be resolved by the end of the month.  Which is kind of a non-answer that effectively puts me off for another 2 weeks before I can reasonably complain again.  Yeah, I know, I’m jaded.  But hey, maybe I’ll be surprised and they’ll actually get it done.  That would be refreshing.
  3. We had a summer in winter luau here last night. It was great fun and now I feel like a stuffed sausage.  Lovely, rich food, but UGH…feel puffy and ready to debloat some.  But hey! I won Apples to Apples.
  4. I also hung out with a crowd of people who were cool and fun, and one of whom immediately went home to buy my books. How cool is that?  It was really actually pretty refreshing to be able to talk about my work openly, without worrying about how people might react or that my two lives will cross over or something.  And it’s a real joy to hang out with the person who talked to me years ago at 2 in the morning demanding to know what the hell was I doing and why wasn’t I writing professionally?
  5. There is, I have decided, a time vortex. It does not matter when I leave or where I am going.  I am going to hit Kansas City at rush hour.  Every time.

10 thoughts on “Sunday Summary

  1. Sounds like a very productive week, despite the issues. Thinking about our work is “working,” isn’t it? LOL

    It’s also good to get away for a bit. Fresh perspective, and all.

  2. I’ve had a total fail week–not by choice, but still. I did absolutely nothing until finishing the second of three MC character charts. Have one more to go, character summaries for the other characters, and the novel blueprint to finish. Real life sucks sometimes!! Here’s to getting back on track!

  3. Well, at least you wrote some…that’s a lot better than none!
    It’s good to take a break and fun…and it sounds like you had a blast!
    Keep it up 🙂

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