Sawyer’s Theme Song

Yesterday I totally gave in to the spring fever and planted a flat of bright yellow pansies and 2 Carolina jasmine vines for the new ladder trellises.  I also cleaned up the veggie garden.  Just needed to get my hands into the dirt and start prettifying things.  It helped calm my racing brain and let me see where I was going wrong in the scene I’ve been working on.  Whenever stuff starts to drag I know I’m doing SOMETHING wrong.  I’ve learned this about myself as a writer.

I also watched Blood and Chocolate last night to get back in the right groove because I’ve actually had a bit of trouble shifting out of Mirus-world from the anthology story to get back into this world.  I checked out the book last night too and started reading it this morning (thus breaking my resolution to read a paper book for every ebook ONCE AGAIN).  It’s totally not like the movie at all.  We’ll see which I wind up liking better.

Anyway, because it’s my birthday and I’m sleepy, I don’t have a whole lot to talk about today, so I’ll leave you with Sawyer’s theme song, which my hubby found a few weeks ago.  It’s called “In Pieces” by a band appropriately named Red.  I don’t usually have playlists or theme songs for my work (though a lot of my writing pals do), but this song was just SO PERFECT for Sawyer.  I wound up getting all of their albums.

12 thoughts on “Sawyer’s Theme Song

  1. I saw these guys open for Sevendust a few years ago and of course their set was heavier than this song. So this was a nice change of pace from what I’m used to hearing from them. Creepy song.

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