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  • mentioned Blindsight in their latest newsletter.  The downloads have almost doubled overnight.
  • Writer pal Sharon Gerlach tweeted me this last night:
    For those of you who don’t know what you’re looking at, that is a post by me that’s showing up in Zemanta’s WordPress plugin to find Possibly Related Articles to link to your own post. 

  • In conjunction with the above, Operation Capri Pants will heretofore be known as Operation Goddess In Training.  On that front, I am on a 3 day streak of sticking with my calorie budget, NOT ordering fries or pasta with dinner last night, and have burned 4 days worth of calories in 2 so far.  So far the whole one day at a time thing is going pretty well.  I feel like I have an inner Jamie Lee Curtis who’s popping up at moments of temptation and saying “Make good choices!” (you know, from Freaky Friday).

    I really dig this notion of Goddess In Training.  It’s all about empowerment and positive imagery, of which there’s never enough when it comes to fitness and health goals (note I did NOT say weight and diet goals).  So I declare we are all goddesses in training and should celebrate all small steps each day toward better mental and physical health and fitness.  Who’s with me?  There can be a t-shirt.  G.I.T. Going!

  • I am currently reading Vicki Keire’s Gifts of the Blood, which is, so far, made of awesome.  She’s got a fresh and entertaining voice and a really interesting concept.  And God knows I identify with the heroine, who’s had too much responsibility thrust on her at a young age.
  • Tomorrow I leave for TEXAS!  Huzzah!  And while there, I get to see the indubitably fabulous Claire Legrand and the gut-bustingly hilarious Kristen Lamb.  Finally after all the stress some FUN FUN FUN!  I am borrowing a car converter dealie so I can use my laptop on the road.  I have delusions of maybe writing at some point during the 10 hour drive each way.

8 thoughts on “In The Realm of Awesome

  1. The first image, of your post, won’t load, but congratulations! And congratulations on the downloads of Blindsight. And on the fitness streak! Congratulations all round! And I totally want a t-shirt 😀 My fitness and health goals aren’t going so well, probably because I’m focussing more on writing than not eating and I don’t have enough to distract me from food 😀

    Once more, you’re awesome! You deserve a break! Have a safe trip 😀

    1. There…assorted images fixed. Yeah I’m thinking my book budget (which is the thing besides food that I use to reward myself) is about to get ridiculous…

  2. It has the Southern inflection anyway: “Git moving!” You could be on to something, like a franchise even. Remember GRITS, aka Girls Raised in the South, which sold like crazy? (Shudder) Goddess In Training is way better.

  3. Ooh. It’s tough writing while riding down the road. Every time you hit a bump you select some text or close a window. And the glare on the screen can be harsh. The worst thing. though. is seeing the motion of the vehicle above your laptop through the windshield. It makes me sick to my stomach after awhile.

    Good luck with your fitness and health goals.

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