Sunday Summary

  1. My vacation, brief though it’s been, has been awesome. Sadly we go home tomorrow.  But it’s been great.  There’s been shopping.  We went to the Japanese gardens.  I hung out with my Clairebear.  And today we’re going to the Fort Worth Zoo.  And the food.  OH THE FOOD.  SOOOO GOOD.
  2. I haven’t written a thing, of course. But the relaxing has been awesome.  Definitely needed this.
  3. I’ve also definitely solidified my absolute certainty that I have no desire to live in a big city (not that it was in question). Yesterday it took me 25 minutes to drive to within 2 miles of the restaurant where I was meeting Claire, and 45 minutes to go the last 2 miles.  WHY did someone think merging two major highways down to 1 lane was a good idea?  So spoiled by my small town.  If it takes more than 10 minutes to get anywhere, I get annoyed!  Still, cities are FUN to visit and hang out with friends who know how to deal with the traffic and take you to all the cool stuff.
  4. So the other big drama is that we’re trying to buy a house.  EEP! I know, right when we’re out of town and have to rely on Kinkos to print and fax contracts and stuff.  We’re currently in negotiations and trying to settle on terms that are agreeable to both parties.  The seller is not willing to budge on much.  Either way, it means as soon as we get back tomorrow, we must throw ourselves into the deep cleaning and decluttering of our house so that it can be listed IMMEDIATELY, as the seller is not interested in a contingency contract.  We shall see if we can come to an agreement.  We hope so.  We really like this place.
  5. Operation Goddess in Training is on hold until I get home. I did actually bring my boxing game, and I’ve used it once, plus we’ve done a lot of walking around places.  Not enough to counter the Italian, the Mexican, the fondue, the gelato, or the Texas de Brazil we’ll be having tonight, but it’s something.  But speaking of which, I probably should do a round before we leave for the zoo.
  6. Oh! This just in!  I received a lovely review of the audio version of Forsaken By Shadow over at Book City Chick! Check it out!

3 thoughts on “Sunday Summary

  1. Oh, hey, I didn’t know you’d gone audio, that’s fantastic Kait, and a very well deserved review! Good luck with Operation Goddess in Training (it just has such a nice ring to it, no?) and the house buying!

  2. I’m glad you got some relaxing time in. You deserve it! Now you’re ready for Round Two, right? :0)

    I would hate to live in a big city. Our city of about 30,000 is just about right for me. I’m going to NYC in June, so that’s going to be an experience.

    Buying a new house! So exciting. I remember when we built ours and it was awesome. Something new and shiny! LOL

    I’m not doing so great with Operation Goddess in Training. I looked at myself in the mirror this morning and renewed my resolve, though. Bleh.

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