My Crazy Life

I think I attract insanity like a magnet.  Seriously.  Because I am this freakishly organized person who cannot tolerate chaos and seeks to create order out of everything, I believe that the universe conspires to fill my life with crazy. I’m probably supposed to learn something.

Case in point:

Last Wednesday I looked at a house.  It wasn’t even TECHNICALLY on the market yet, and I was the first person to see it.  It has the commercial fridge and freezer I want, a kick ass kitchen, the necessary bedrooms, baths, and square footage.  The outside needs some landscaping and shutters, but the property is gorgeous and, oh, did I mention 14 acres with a lake?

Thursday we left for Texas to go see our friends.  Somewhere around Jackson, MS we called and made an offer.  Somewhere around Lindale, TX we discovered that my car had been sideswiped.  Who knows when.  I’m never on the passenger side and until Wednesday, the whole thing was covered with pollen.

Friday was the mad rush to find a Kinkos so we could print out the offer contracts and sign and fax them.  Then the rush BACK to Kinkos when we found out the fax didn’t go through.

Saturday night we received a counter offer from the sellers.  We countered back.

Monday night we got home, started laundry, unpacked, and looked at our wreck of a house with a “we’ll deal with it tomorrow” kind of attitude.

Tuesday our realtor called and said I needed to go by and sign the paperwork for our counter offer, and oh by the way, she wanted to come by that night to see our house so we can get it on the market.  I performed a miracle cleaning, cramming a full weekend’s worth of chores into about 3 hours.  I vacuumed, steam mopped, dust mopped, cleaned the bathroom, the kitchen, made the bed, hauled a load of crap to storage, cleared off all horizontal surfaces, windexed all the glass in the house, dusted (even the lampshades, mom), cleaned the baseboards, hosed the pollen off the front porch, weeded the front flowerbeds, did the dishes, finished 2 more loads of laundry and put them away, and then promptly collapsed into a puddle of goo.  Met with the realtor, filled out the paperwork, and officially listed our house for sale.  She thinks it’ll go in a week.  Hope it does because even though the sellers accepted our counter-offer, they wouldn’t agree to a contingency sale, so if another offer comes up, we’ll have three business days to close or walk away.

In the meantime, we’ll continue to declutter and haul stuff to storage and do the few other small things that need doing to our house.

Oh, and I’m back into writing Red, sort of.  On the car ride home, I finally knocked out the scene that I’ve been stuck on for TWO MONTHS.  So if I can find a spare 10 minutes to actually SIT DOWN, I’ll be moving forward from that.

Add to that, I’m trying to catch up at the Evil Day jobs, write two course proposals, get back into my workout routine, KEEP the house fit to be shown at a moment’s notice, have a dentist appointment for a filling next week, and must try to retain some semblance of sanity.  And try to find time to post something to Pots and Plots to prove that I do actually still cook.

See?  Craziness.

In other news, Blindsight is now available at Barnes & Noble (it’s free, remember?), so if any of you feel compelled to go download and review, that would be awesome.

8 thoughts on “My Crazy Life

  1. Oh, my! Buying and selling a house is stressful biz. I remember it well. Only the super organized could keep up with all you have going on. Best of luck, remember to breathe, and Yay on figuring out the plot problem. Car rides are great for that!

  2. That is a crazy life. I am the same about order. With three kids aged 4 and under our tiny flat perpetually looks like a bomb has gone off in it and it drives me round the bend. My wife is considerably more lax than I, but I’m gone in the office day and once the kids are in bed etc its too late to do anything more than a bit of cosmetic tidying. Congrats on the potential house. I cannot wait to be able to move, a 55 s-meter flat for 5 people is just too small. I would quite possibly kill for a garden… so 14 acres and a lake sounds absolutely incredible.

    I downloaded blindsight the other day so will read and review for you.

  3. Wow! Sounds like you’ve had a crazy time. My friend’s been trying to buy a house for a few months, but at least she doesn’t have the added hastle of selling hers. Sometimes it takes hectic days to get your energies flowing, though.

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