#ROW80 Midweek Check-In

Holy crap, it’s Wednesday already?

Well yay, that means Friday is just around the corner.

So to report in:

Monday: I kicked off Round 2 with a happy 859 words.  Well okay, they weren’t happy words.  They were dealing with blood and ick and my hero trying not to wolf out in front of my heroine, but they made ME happy.

Tuesday: A continuation of the prior scene–only 302.  My realtor called in the middle of my block of writing time to discuss the mass realtor showing they’d had yesterday morning, and I had somewhere to be at 7.  But considering that I was short on time and the fact that The Precious–I mean City of Fallen Angels–was totally whispering my name, I am happy with that.  I was a good girl.  I didn’t touch it until this morning while I did my morning ride.

This week also kicks off the renewed Operation Goddess In Training (G.I.T.) [Note: Pal Andrew and I decided that the male equivalent should be Spartan In Training, as God In Training just sounds conceited.]  I’ve been getting back into routine and working on dialing back my appetite after my totally stupendous vacation.  Considering that Monday and Tuesday both involved eating a meal not of my own making, I did pretty well.  And the exercise portion is going quite well if the barking of my muscles is anything to go by.  Maybe in another couple of weeks I’ll be brave enough to get on a scale.

I suspect that this week will be largely focused on the exercise bike instead of boxing, just so I can get in more of COFA and not feel guilty that I’m ignoring the WIP.  Otherwise, I have to get my words in first before diving in.  This is me signing off and being a good girl and NOT taking COFA to work, where I KNOW I would get NOTHING AT ALL DONE.

19 thoughts on “#ROW80 Midweek Check-In

  1. Your mention of The Precious took me off guard and I totally spewed tea on my brand new computer!!

    It’s odd how those “blood and ick” scenes make us as writers so happy, and yet our characters are suffering so… Kind of sadistic, really. But my husband can always tell when I am in the middle of a big scene with a gun fight or when people are just raw from dealing with all the crap I make them go through, because he says he sees the fire in my eyes. He stays far away… 🙂

    Good luck with your writing!

  2. Spartan in training sounds much cooler. Sounds like you did well so far. Not sure how you can get anything done with all the new house excitement!

    I need to get an exercise bike, I can’t read on the cross-trainer which makes it border on pointless. 🙂

    1. I am a big fan of being able to exercise while reading. If it’s a really good book, then I wind up going for so much longer and then it makes the whole thing not suck so badly. And of course there is the value of multi-tasking..

  3. City of Fallen Angels is also a temptation for me. I bought it yesterday and I haven’t touched it yet. But I’m weak… eventually I’ll give in to it. And once I’m done, Cassie will make me beg for the next book.

  4. I second Fanshaw and say I am digging the “wolfing out.” lol

    And I would say “Goddess” sounds more conceited than “God,” but that’s just me. 😉

    Glad to read you are having fun with blood and ick. Those are some of my favs too. XD

  5. I’ll take COFA off your hands. Y’know, so you can write and I can get in my goal for reading four books a month.

    wait. that didn’t come out right…

    good luck with your goals! I personally love words when they contain blood and fighting and so forth.

  6. You know, when I read the “God in Training” sounds more conceited than “Goddess in Training” thing, it got me thinking about feminism and masculinity and gender profiling and this gender & society class I took this one time, and just…okay, just be GLAD I didn’t start going off on an anthropological tangent here.


    Congrats on your word count for the week so far! And, um, re: COFA, Jamie and I might not see eye-to-eye on some things, but we will totally team up against The Precious if need be. I’m just saying. *stern eyebrow*

  7. Good start to the week it sounds like. I like “goddess in training.” I wanna be one. *whine* I love reading my nook while on the treadmill. Makes the time go so much faster and if the book is really good, spending longer on the thing. For some reason, the work outs have been making me crave Avocados. Weird but fortunately delicious. Have you ever tried an apple, cream cheese and avocado on sour dough. Yummy. Try it on one of your gluten free breads. Happy reading.

  8. Nice work Kait. ROW80 is such a great idea. Thanks for coming up with it. I can already see that accountability to others is helping me get things done that I’ve procrastinated on for weeks.

  9. heh. Goddess-in-training sounds Lot better than….whatever it is I’ve been training for! (professional foot-swallower, while accurate, is just not too inspiring…)

    And, holy cow did you start off this challenge with a BANG! Er, and, apparently, a wolf??? See, THAT right there is what I love about this challenge – you hear what other people are balancing and accomplishing and when you are lucky they even share how they are doing it and you say man I gotta try some of That! Love the inspiration I get from your posts! Keep it up, you have no idea how much you help 🙂

  10. I agree with the others who said that ROW80 was a brilliant idea; I’m definitely getting more done than I would have without it, and it’s fun to see what other writers are working on, how they work and how they overcome problems.
    Good work on the word counts so far… And I know the pain of having a fiction book that you just can’t put down, even though you have other more important things you should be doing hehe

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