Fellow Writer In Need: Step Up (UPDATE: WE DID IT!)

It’s Good Friday.   As I sit here enjoying a leisurely morning cuppa, I find myself very thankful for my life.  Yes, I’ve worked really hard to get here, but I’ve absolutely been blessed by opportunity.  I hope everybody will be thinking about that this weekend over Easter.  It’s not our official holiday for thanks, but I still think it’s a good time to be grateful for the blessings in our lives and to remember that not everyone is so fortunate.

One of my Twitter pals and a vibrant member of our online writing community, Cher Tracy and her husband Bruce are among those who’ve had a streak of horrible luck this winter.  You may remember my plea back around Christmas, letting you all know about Cher’s fabulous editing services.  Things have taken a turn for the worse.

Their landlord has given them ’til the end of the month to come up with $1000, although this will only keep their heads above water for a short time. I am calling on ANYONE who could help keep them in their home (monetary or otherwise).

Landlord’s address for the curious:

We called the landlord to ask them how it would work to send donations directly to the landlord. They don’t have paypal or anything like that:

checks should read: Rent donation for Bruce and Cheryl Tracy 10-7

snailmail –

SRP Properties
16 – 3 Manor Circle
Sanford, Maine 04073
Attention: Patty Carson

***PAYPAL ADDRESS for donations is wulfshado@yahoo.com
Paypal can be used by anyone and is found at http://www.paypal.com/

The scoop:
..Written by Cher (the lovely blonde in the photo) in an e-mail sent to other writing pal Carrie Clevenger via Crooked Fang…

Her website: http://shadowrites.com/

“I lost my job care-taking an elderly woman because she died. Hubs renovates and flips houses for realtors and others. Generally, we get enough money set aside to cover us over winter or there are inside jobs for land lords. Last year B had worked mostly for one investor renovating two houses. The deal was to fix the houses and sell them and we’d get a percentage of the profit. But the guy didn’t sell the houses so we don’t get our investment back and no cut of the profit.

Shortly after that a pay pal glitch took out a double payment for a bill which sent us flying into overcharge fees, bounce fees, etc. By the time that was cleared up we were broke. We’ve been struggling since then because there isn’t much work in the winter. Renovations are seasonal because of the freezing temps. We’ve been surviving on odd jobs, selling our things and the landlords hired hubs to plow and would put that toward the rent. That’s managed to keep us here but not catch us. It’s been like running in place.

Now it’s tax season so the owners of the complex gave us an eviction notice. They’ve said if we can come up with 1000. (though 1500. is better) that we can stay. That puts a big enough dent in what we owe so that they know we’ll be able to catch up because now that spring and summer are here the work is coming in but most of these jobs are two and three weeks away because it’s been cold and rainy.

That’s the whole story.”

These are tough financial times for everyone.  But I am hoping that we can find enough people who are able to donate $1 (or more) to the cause.  Skip that designer coffee for a week or forgo that Super Value Menu lunch one day (you didn’t need the calories anyway).

I implore you to step up and help someone we know and love (and to follow @_Wulfie on Twitter if you don’t know her to find out WHY we love her) this Easter season.  Please donate if you’re able.  A dollar WILL help. $10 will help x10. Passing this along could help even more.  Feel free to snag the text of this post to share on your own blog or Facebook or wherever to spread the word.

21 thoughts on “Fellow Writer In Need: Step Up (UPDATE: WE DID IT!)

  1. Wish Upon A Hero (wishuponahero.com). They’ve helped my daughter when she was in desperate straits. It’s a bunch of people who are financially able to help other people and want to do charity their way. You tell them what you need, and people who can help respond. I can’t even express the generosity these people have shown my daughter. I will leave this website for Cher on her contact form on her website as well.

  2. When my husband was out of work, I had friends and church to help us. We never missed a payment nor a meal. I would like to do something for someone else now that I can. We were so blessed with the help that was given to us.

    Thanks, Kait, for letting us know about this. I feel certain that many people will step up to the plate for this cause.

  3. I do feel for your friends, Kait and will happily make a donation. But perhaps a long term solution is what is really needed here. Perhaps finding them an apartment building management position or a live in caretaking position. Maybe someone has a guest house they would like to rent for less than what your friends are currently paying. Or they could rent out a room in their home?
    Around this time last year my employer decided to cut back my schedule to two days a week. I won’t go into the details for his reasons but I found myself quickly in dire straights. My monthly rent for my one bedroom apt, alone, is near to 1000, and I was now barely covering that. I defaulted on my two credit accounts along with my cable and phone service just to keep a roof over my head. Then I received word from my youngest son that he too was having financial difficulties. He moved in two weeks later. Between our two incomes we were both able to find some stability and I have since picked up another part time job and my son has found another job that will be able to provide him with better opportunities. The sacrifice of my privacy does suck a little but it’s only temporary and maybe in another six months we’ll both be in a situation that will allow me to reclaim it.

  4. Thank you for reposting this. I will do the same. The more people we can touch, the more donations we can procure, and hopefully save their home. 🙂

    I love being part of such a wonderful group of writers. Even if we’ve never met IRL, we all can band together and help.

  5. Thank you so much for bringing this to everyone’s attention, Kait and Carrie. You’re so right that things are tough everywhere, and I’m afraid they may get worse before they get better. In The Great Depression communities and families helped individuals get through tough times. In the 21st C our virtual communities can fill that same role. It makes me really proud to be a part of a group of writers who care about and take care of our own. Please keep us posted about this situation!

  6. Thank you for being a champion to help out a really sweet couple!!
    Cher is one if the nicest ladies around and a very talented writer.
    I’m heading over now to make a contribution.
    ~ J

  7. We are committed to helping our crew mates any way we can.
    Cher has been a Zombie Survival Crew champion since the very beginning, and Command will gladly pitch in!
    *twirls crossbow*
    Juliette on behalf of ZSC Command team

  8. I don’t know this couple, but I found this page through my friend Maxwell Cynn on Facebook. My heart goes out to them. When my husband lost his job of 15 years, we nearly lost everything. If not for the grace of my generous parents helping us with our rent, and the public assistance we had to go on for a few months to put food on the table while the unemployment office sorted out my husband’s claim, we would have lost everything. We eventually moved across the country to live near my parents (our greatest source of support) and rebuild our lives from the ground up. My husband found a job a few months later. It doesn’t pay much, but we have still been very fortunate. And on this day, we should all consider our blessings no matter our religious beliefs.

    My thoughts will be with this couple, and I hope my donation helps.


    Allison M. Dickson

  9. Echoing Al’s post, I’ve sent a donation via PayPal, as the #pubwrite crew, any one of us, is glad to be able to help out even in a small way. Best of luck.


  10. My donation has been made. Only $10 I simply don’t have the money for any more, but I hope it helps in some way. Way to go Kait, this just highlights what a great human being you are.

  11. Hi Kait and everyone,
    I wanted to stop by and thank you all for all you’re help. It has been an amazing thing to experience and watch. Thank you!

    B and C

  12. Phewwwwww. I knew I was closing in on this but it still knocked me on my butt and made me sick. The Dark Days…this wondrous event that saved us for a short time and then ending up losing everything anyway….And now, reading it from 2013 where it’s been just five months into starting life over…What a trip. Thank you, Kait. You and Carrie and everyone who helped us. Now pardon me while I go finish having this anxiety attack.

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