I Sold My House on Friday The 13th

Okay, not really.  But today is the open house, so I am using the POWER OF POSITIVE THINKING.

I need a lot of positive y’all.  I mean, seriously.  It’s Friday the 13th.  It’s supposed to be pouring down rain.  And I burned the hell out of the cute little house cookies I was baking for the occasion.  Took ages to get the stench out of the kitchen last night.  My realtor talked me down from any further frenetic dessert baking.  I am NOT a sweets baker.  I do BREAD.  Cookies never make it past the dough stage in this house, so how the heck should I know what went wrong?  I followed directions exactly.

Still, it seemed like a really bad omen.

But no, we are going with the POWER OF POSITIVE THINKING.  Everybody send good vibes this way from 11:30-1:30 central standard time.  That people will SHOW UP and LOVE MY HOUSE.

I believe.  I believe.  C’mon.  Say it with me.  I believe.

We’ll see how it goes.

In any event, it’s bound to make a great start to a book.

10 thoughts on “I Sold My House on Friday The 13th

  1. I feel like I’m reviving fairies! But it does happen you know! First of all, my mother bought our second house on Friday the 13th. Secondly, either your temp was too high (ovens vary) or you used too much butter. I am a sweets baker. Thirdly, there is nothing better at an open house than a nice selection of breads; from banana nut to sourdough. Most people don’t want sweets. They want substance, just like in properties. Good flow, size, and quality are all that matter.

    1. If I’d had time, I’d have baked bread, since that’s more my speed, but it was already 8 last night when I burned the cookies, so… :shrug: At least it’s nice and tidy.

  2. Lots and lots of positive thoughts and good wishes, I believe, I believe. Always remember that when the cookies burn – we have to laugh and laughter will chase the stress away. I still laugh about the time I took my first driving foray into Los Angeles from Long Beach, California. Not a big drive, I know, but somehow I ended up in Oxnard, California – don’t ask me what went wrong, I just don’t know, but to this day I am able to tell the story with laughter in my heart chasing the stress and blues away. Happy LUCKY Friday the 13th!

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