Sunday Summary and #ROW80 and G.I.T. update

  1. It is gloriously cool this morning.  I don’t even think I shall mind cutting grass, it feels so nice outside.
  2. It’s been a crazy, uber productive week on the writing front!  Per the Magnificent Laurie McLean’s request, I wrote up a blurb and a SYNOPSIS for Red (sadly, I thought I’d get to skip that part since I totally bypassed the query process–not so).  I think my brains might still be leaking out of my ears.  So here’s the rundown of my word count the rest of the week.  Sunday: 428, Monday: 767, Tuesday: 888, Wednesday: 1623, Thursday: 1008, Friday: 1100, and Saturday: 462 on the actual manuscript, plus the blurb (109) and Synopsis (1389).  That is a whopping 7774 words this week!  YEEHA!  Deducting the synopsis and blurb, that’s nearly 900 words a DAY on my manuscript!  At that rate it looks like I could do a goal adjustment, but I’m going to leave it at 500 words a day because that’s a level I can easily attain and then I get the psychological boost of gravy when I get more than that.  Mmm, gravy.
  3. On the G.I.T. front I am down 3 pounds!  We have now officially passed the “Oh it’s probably just water weight” threshold and into actual LOSS.  I am definitely starting to see a change in my body shape from the yoga (which I have not done since Thursday, bad me), with more muscle definition in areas where there previously was none and a general tightening of my body…kind of like a natural girdle.  Things that have been jiggly are now not so jiggly.  I still have a long way to go, but it makes me happy to actually SEE some progress.
  4. I’ve been making some adjustments to Blindsight this morningI keep getting these reviews to the tune of “loved the story, but I can’t find any information about more story for these two!”  Considering that the very information they want is on both the last page of the file and on the story page here on the blog, I am inclined to think that they didn’t look very hard.  So I have added a line right after the last line of the story to turn the page for more information and added a line to the description at Smashwords and Goodreads saying that Revelation will be out in the winter and to sign up for the author’s newsletter to be notified of release.  Hopefully that will help.
  5. I keep trying to think of other news from this week.  Mostly there was a lot of cranky on my part over the house stuff, and there’s no reason to subject y’all to that.  So I’ll tell you about what I’ve been watching lately.
  6. This afternoon hubby and I are going to see Thor as our reward for house work, yard work and cleaning out the P-trap under the bathroom sink.  We anticipate the latter might be a traumatic experience, so it totally earns a movie.
  7. Saw I Am Number Four this week.  I was mostly happy with it as a movie.  They squished the events of the last third of the book into about a 24 hour period and totally didn’t SHOW any of the character change for bully Mark James, such that when he shows up and helps them at the very end, anybody who hasn’t read the book is gonna be like WTF?  And they totally left out all the interesting backstory related to Bernie Kosar.  But of course I’m me, so of COURSE I want the backstory on the dog.  But mostly I enjoyed it, and I was happy to see that Diana Agron can totally play a different character such that I was not suddenly watching Quinn in an alien movie and expecting her to bust out into a musical number at any moment or have Rachel walk on screen for more Finn-related angst.  And if you are not a fellow Gleek, then none of that will make any sense to you.
  8. Last night we watched the series finale of SmallvilleApparently all Clark needed to get over his mental block to fly was to watch a lengthy, cheesy montage of all of his saves across the series.  Seriously, Clark, Netflix could have helped you with that ages ago, buddy.  There was a LOT of cheese in this finale and several places where the whole thing felt cobbled together.  And somebody please tell me why Lois and Clark had to wait 7 more YEARS after their first attempt at a wedding to go through with it again?  But whatever, the last five minutes was totally worth the rest of the 2 hours.  Even if we DIDN’T REALLY get to see Tom Welling in spandex.

11 thoughts on “Sunday Summary and #ROW80 and G.I.T. update

  1. Having cleaned P-traps you definitely deserve the movie afterwards…whew!

    Congratulations on the writing and G.I.T fronts! Agree with you wholeheartedly on keeping your goal to something you know you can attain. Better to gain the boost from seeing “extra” progress than to stress over a higher goal.

  2. Awsome job with the word count and synopsis. I’ve been keeping it pretty steady this week as I’ve re-scheduled my writing time early in the morning. A snyopsis is my least favorite thing to write. At our writer’s group we’ve been helping a guy out with his. It’s truly skilled writing when you can narrow down a whole novel into a page or two. Keep it up! Drop me a line and tell me what you think of Thor. Debating on waiting for it to come out on DVD or seeing it in the theatre.

  3. What a great achievement in terms of word count and weight loss – wow!! 😀

    How long have you been doing Yoga? Certainly sounds like it’s working for you xx

  4. It’s official…ur funny :O) Diana Agron has yet to impress, but she is pretty. Tom Wellington….spandex, I think better left to the imagination of a fiction writer.
    MMRose….AKA yoga, pilates, PT trainer and owner of an uber KA gym….happy to help on the training front.
    Loving Blindsight…

  5. Congratulations on the weight loss progress! Time to reward yourself (foot massage? a new top?) 😉

    I Am Number Four seems to be promising but I never watched it. Maybe I’ll watch it soon.

  6. Awesome word count, Kait! Keep rockin’.

    I can’t believe you’re seeing that much toning in such a short time! I haven’t even looked at my New U yet. I’m planning on starting that tonight.

    1. When I did yoga before, it was predominantly for flexibility and relaxation. I never considered it a serious tool in terms of actual weight loss because I don’t get out of breath and gross and sweaty, but clearly it actually DOES work!

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