Midweek Update #ROW80 and Operation G.I.T.

So after last week’s freakish 9k+, things have slowed a little.  Sunday was 805, Monday 1280, and last night 830.  I hit my midpoint, and the scene following where Elodie reacts to the big reveal at the MP was REALLY HARD TO WRITE.  It’s this huge emotional reaction and I swear I just slit open a vein and had to dip in a quill.  I was WIPED OUT when I finished.

I need to do some work this week fleshing out a more detailed outline of what’s going on in this next quarter of the story.  I have several scenes very vaguely outlined, but I need to be much clearer on what action is taking place, how the story is being moved forward.  So that’s part of the plan for the rest of this week, to make sure that I have a better grip on where I’m going with it as I tackle this downward slope toward my climax.  Which is totally going to change from the original plan, as I realized what I had jotted in has nothing to do with their character arcs and wasn’t really heroic.  So not totally sure how that will change yet. Pot (Susan) had some great ideas on that front that are percolating and should wind up as some kinda awesome.

Regarding Operation G.I.T., was down 4.8 pounds as of Sunday.  I’d been eating outside my calorie budget, working out like a maniac, so I went ahead and let Sparkpeople adjust my calorie budget for me.  This morning I’m back up 2.5 pounds.  Now I know part of that is water, as I physically have not consumed enough calories in the last 3 days to gain that much, but it’s a definite measure that their system is NOT right.  I don’t think I could eat 1680-1900 calories a day when I was 20 (I’m 5’4″).  I sure can’t do it at 31.  I’m going back to what I was doing, making sure I net (with exercise) at least 1200 calories a day, and if I’m hungry after that, allowing myself to eat half of what I burned.

I’ve made it up to Expert level on New U (which is apparently AFTER Teacher, which I find weird) for the De-Stress program.  It doesn’t burn as many calories as the Weight Loss program, but it’s a bit shorter, so it left me with enough time to box as well, and that does push me past what I was burning just doing the Weight Loss program.  And there is no crane pose.  I’m sure I’ll get bored if it doesn’t keep changing things, so after I max out my level here, I’ll swap over to some other goal.  Maybe I’ll work on Core Strength next.  Somebody remind me I said that after it runs me through a brutal pilates session at 6 in the morning.

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  1. I’ve finally (four months after I first thought of it) been given the go-ahead by my chiropractor to get started on Pilates. The Pilates woman isn’t as keen, since me say ‘no extension and no hip rotation’ is apparently a big problem for her. So she and my chiropractor will talk it out. Hopefully that means I’ll get some Pilates.

    My point being, remind me I said that this time next week when I’ve (hopefully) had my first class and can barely walk. Or stand. Or turn over at night…

  2. If you’re exercising that much, I’m surprised you can’t eat 1600 to 1900 calories. Is your metabolism a little low? It’s so frustrating that we can gain weight so much easier than losing it! Bleh.

    I used to keep up with my food intake on that site livestrong.com, but I got a little discouraged because they let people submit calorie counts and other info for foods and there might be five different listings for an item at a restaurant, and the info would vary so much that it was ridiculous. Right now I’m not counting, just trying to cut back and change to healthier things. Sometimes. LOL

    The more you talk about Red, then more I want to read it. Your word count has really been rocking lately. It looks like the book is going to be much longer than you originally intended, but that’s okay. Whatever it takes to tell the story. I know it’s going to be a winner!

    1. Yeah, try a whopping 20-25k longer than originally planned!

      Yeah I don’t have any kind of stellar metabolism. I didn’t when I was young and I don’t now. I might be able to work out that much and eat that much if I didn’t have any intention of losing weight. But I definitely can’t lose weight like that. I’ve been really happy with SparkPeople otherwise. The database is full of oodles of regular food and restaurant menu food from chains. And it’s very easy to add your own stuff to it if, like me, you cook a lot. I’ve got it all customized to what I cook.

      I definitely have to count and measure. It seems obsessive to some people, but it’s SO EASY to misjudge when you’re eyeballing. And when the issue (for me) is that it’s not WHAT I’m eating but HOW MUCH, it’s imperative.

      1. I worked for Weight Watchers for about 15 years, so I know about measuring. 😉 Some people are better at eyeballing than others. Counting and measuring is the best way to go if you can make yourself do it. That was what I found was the biggest problem for most people…the self discipline to do it.

  3. Hi Kait! I’m stopping by via ROW80 and thought I’d add that Crossfit is a fantastic way to burn off unwanted……well, unwanted anything. If you have a MMA gym in your area, you might check it out. A key to it’s success is that they offer small group settings, at least in the gym I’m familiar with, which give a lot of one on one instruction and encouragement. I don’t know what your personal goals are, but thought I’d offer you another option to consider. Good luck. ~ Nadja

  4. I did a lot of organization over the weekend on fleshing out two of the other characters stories for the book I’m writing now. I think you’re right to get that done before you attempt to write more of it. Those nasty plot holes come back to bite us in the butt, if we’re not careful. Speaking from experience, anyway. 🙂

  5. Ouch “slit open a vein and had to dip in a quill” I feel ya sista. Some scenes take so much out of you.

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