Sunday Summary, #ROW80 and Operation G.I.T.

  1. Yesterday hubby and I shot our first wedding.  Technically I was supposed to be just the assistant, but I still had my own gear and took a bunch of the non-posed shots during the ceremony and reception that came out pretty well.  Plus I got to indulge in my control freak and order people around (hubby does not speak wedding so telling who to be where, when was my job).  Let me tell you, weddings are a LOT LONGER when you’re working them.  We started at 8:30 and didn’t get home until 3:30 and OMG OUR FEET!  New plan: next time we do this, I’m buying uber comfy shoes and he’s getting some Dr. Scholls for his dress shoes.  The lighting conditions in the chapel were AWFUL (as in really not enough), so some of the shots just didn’t turn out right, which REALLY bummed hubby.  But overall I think they came out well for a first attempt (particularly an unpaid one, since this was a wedding present to our friends) and were a damn sight better than a lot of the wedding pictures I’ve seen over the years.  We did a lot of business card trading with the caterer, baker, and event planner.  Hubby has a crapton of post processing to do.  Between the two of us, I think we shot 1,100 pictures.  Obviously a lot of those are tossers, but there are a lot of keepers too.
  2. The best part of yesterday was that for the event, I wore a dress I haven’t fit into since college.  It was a four.  I am a ten.  This leads me to two conclusions.  First, the thing is very generously cut through the hips, and second, it must have hung off me like a gunny sack back then.  Either way, it’s one of my favorite dresses, so I was pleased to fit back into it.
  3. So I’m not entirely sure what to say about Operation G.I.T. this week.   The scale is up several pounds, all the way back into the next tens.  Big boo.  I’ve eaten WAY over budget nearly every day due to lots of eating out and assorted stuff.  Yet most of my measurements are actually down or didn’t change.  So, I think I’m getting to the point where I’m building enough muscle through the workouts I’m doing, that the scale is starting to be not the best means of measuring things.  I DO still need to get my portions and stuff back under control, period, and I think I’ll probably go back to the weight loss goal on New U, but I’m not exactly unhappy with where things are.  I need to start keeping track of all said measurements over at Sparkpeople.
  4. I didn’t do a lot of biking last week,  which means I didn’t do a lot of reading.  I do most of my reading for fun these days on my exercise bike, so my usual method is to read something awesome that will prompt me to get on the thing even when I really don’t feel like it, just because I NEED TO KNOW what happens next.  I finally concluded that I really wasn’t invested enough in the witch twins I was reading about.  I’ll get around to finishing Balefire eventually, but I picked up Blood Magic by Tessa Gratton, which I’ve been waiting for for MOOOOONTHS.  Problem solved.  I’ll be getting on the bike after I finish mowing my part of the yard this morning.
  5. In other news, I would like to write a sonnet to Levi’s 529 jeans, heretofore known as The Sexy Butt Jeans (okay, not really, because I’m not a poet, but just go with the idea).  I finally got a pair (when I last ordered some from Zappos, I was able to confirm that they fit well, but needed the shorter length and was waiting on them to come back in stock. In the meantime I found some on sale at and wore them last night to a party.  OMG.  THEY FIT.  Like, perfectly, without a belt, and NO GAPPY THING IN THE BACK.  They are shorter in the stride than I am accustomed to, but not so low that anybody’s seeing something they shouldn’t.  Hubby said they made me look skinny.  Which means, I’m totally replacing every pair of jeans I own with more of these.  When it comes to jeans that FIT, there’s no such thing as too much of a good thing.  Ladies, if you have junk in your trunk and problems finding jeans, give these a try.
  6. On the ROW80 front, after last week’s 9k +, this week’s total of 5,799 felt kind of like a letdown.  But it was all forward motion.  I was over my daily goal of 500 every day.  Sunday: 805, Monday: 1280, Tuesday: 830, Wednesday: 1122, Thursday: 505, Friday: 697, Saturday: 560.  Some days were a real challenge.  Thursday I was having an ocular migraine for most of the day, so writing ANYTHING was an accomplishment.  And yesterday being tied up with first the wedding during most of the day and then a party most of the night, I wound up spewing part of my villain’s monologue (which I’m nowhere near chronologically, but it’s what I woke up thinking about) to get the bulk of it, and finishing out another hundred or so to go over so I could go to bed.  This was a much more normal production week for me, which is fine.  The stuff that’s happening from this point forward is technically planned, but the specifics are still pretty vague in a lot of places, so I’m still feeling my way.
  7. Also on the ROW80 front (and I’ll post this over there too probably), if you are not a ROW80 sponsor but would like to contribute an inspirational post to Round 2, you would have the opportunity and would earn my undying gratitude.  I accidentally doubled up one week, and I am missing a post from someone who has apparently dropped off the face of the earth, so I am two shy of what I need.  Certainly I can come up with something but I thought I’d throw it out there.  If you are interested, snag me on twitter @kaitnolan or send me an email at kaitnolanwriter (at) gmail (dot) com.
  8. I am also starting the search for Round 3 sponsors (an again I’ll post this over there).  Round 3 begins July 4th and runs through September 22nd.  Sponsors are responsible for swinging by once a week to leave encouraging comments on a segment of our ROW80 participants and providing one inspirational post, along with a short bio and pic for your sponsor page.  Again, if you’re interested, send me an email at kaitnolanwriter (at) gmail (dot) com.

14 thoughts on “Sunday Summary, #ROW80 and Operation G.I.T.

  1. You have such clear and concise goals. I need to try that. I have a daily to-do list and am chipping away at it. I think something a bit beefier would be better.

    Today I vowed to finish the edits on my WIP. So far I’ve written four blog posts – gggrrrr.

    Are your ocular migraines the type that make your vision sparkle? Not an Edward Cullen sparkle, but a I-Can’t-See-Anything sparkle.

    I get those and there really isn’t anything to do about them but wait them out. Have you discovered any remedy?

    ~ Jenna

    1. I haven’t had one in about five years (since I got out of grad school and stopped having to read nano-print all the time), so it’s more of a fluke than a regular occurrence. For my regular migraines, I usually just down a Maxalt and go to bed.

  2. Sorry to hear about the migraine! I never had one until I got to grad school, and now they are sadly a regular part of my life. But congrats on meeting your goals for the week!

    I also just wanted to add a huge thank you for starting ROW80! Ever since I started I’ve found that I am actually writing, rather than just thinking/talking about writing. My word count goals make me much more accountable, and I’m thinking about instituting something similar for my thesis, so I can kick myself into gear and finish up my MA. 😀

  3. I just wanted to drop a line and say I love reading all of your posts – they usually start my day and whether you hear me or not I have sending good thoughts your way!

  4. I want you to write that Sexy Butt Jeans Ode. I have two pair, now I need to find my sexy butt to put into them. 🙂

    I think last week had an atmospheric inversion (That happens, right?) because I couldn’t put down much of anything to reach my ROW80 goal. Hope next week I can do better, and hope you’ll surpass your goal. Good luck.

  5. Congrats on shooting your first wedding. We have friends who are photographers so know how difficult it is. I videotaped my brother’s wedding and don’t remember a bit of the thing until I actually watched the tape. It takes a lot of focus. Yeah for you fitting into the six four. I was ecstatically happy when I fit into a size 8 pair of jeans. And don’t they do wonders for your butt. An ode does seem appropriate.

    I would love to be a sponsor for round3. I’ll be done with classes finally. Yeah! And will be done with homeschool for at least a month or so. Will have lots more time to put into visiting and encouraging. Emailed you.

  6. I have no idea if you have takers on the (gulp) inspirational post. If you don’t, and if your standards have some wiggle room, I’ll volunteer. 😉



  7. Kait, when I worked for WW, we always encouraged measuring rather than JUST weighing. When you’re doing muscle building exercising, you definitely put on muscle weight. It gets discouraging to weigh and see that you’re up. Measuring tells the true story. :0)

    How did I somehow miss that you and hubby were photographers??? That’s so cool. It takes talent, IMO, to get those shots just right.

    Your word counts are still rocking.

  8. Your word count rocks. I always love reading your posts even when your not making the progress you had expected to make. I think it is just the way you go about dealing with those moments when life gets in the way of writing.

    As far as exercising, that is something I really need to think about doing. I think I can come up with more excuses not to exercise than excuses for not writing.

    I don’t think I would have the patience to photograph a wedding. I have a bad habit of taking pictures of my own shoes (lol). It sure must have been hard to be the workers at the wedding instead of the celebrants.

    Sorry to hear about your migranes. I don’t think I have ever had one except when I have had the flu. I did suffer from having tired eyes, but the eye doctor took care of that problem with a new prescription for my glasses.

    The inspirational post are always a welcome sight in my email. Even when I got two in one week. I even share them on my facebook page with my friends in my local writing group. I am only hoping that they will eventurally jump on to the ROW80 Band wagon with us. I would never have gotten as much done on any of my works if it had not been for the writing challenge.

    Last but not least; I want to thank you for hosting the ROW80. I have enjoyed every round and I look forward to round 3.

  9. Would love to see some of those photos. Not bad for your new venture at all! Time to change that workout routine. Need to do different exercises to get out of plateau. 🙂

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