Fingers Crossed Friday

You know that saying that the darkest hour is before the dawn?

Well as it happens the darkest hour was like 7:30 last night when I still hadn’t heard from my realtor regarding the “major interest” in our house from earlier this week and I texted her to say maybe not to mention anything from now on until there’s an offer in hand because really, I’d just as soon not lose any more sleep for no reason.

She called at 9:30 last night with an offer in hand for just 1k below our break even point.


Okay I tried really hard to find a picture of flailing but apparently a flail is that medieval weapon that’s like a spiky metal ball on a chain attached to a stick.  This is not what I’m going for. I was thinking more that tap move that’s like doing the Wax On in opposite directions with both hands while sort of hopping (clearly I did not survive in dance long enough to find out what this is really called…anybody?).

Nothing is settled yet.  We’re going to counter of course, but this is in the ballpark and absolutely gives us something to negotiate.  So fingers crossed that everything sorts itself out and we all come to an agreement because HOLY CRAP do you know what I would do to NOT have to keep my house in showing shape?  I could bring my FUNCTIONAL CLUTTER back in my house!

We’re meeting with our realtor today to write up a counter offer and working up a list of houses we want to go look at .  The one we had tentatively agreed on before is still for sale (they apparently changed realtor companies so the listing went down for a bit), so that’s hopeful, and there are a few others we’d like to look at.  And sometime soon I’d like to find time for a nap because I could not sleep last night even after melatonin, Calms forte and Benedryl.

So FINGERS CROSSED PEEPS!  I’ll keep y’all posted.

11 thoughts on “Fingers Crossed Friday

  1. Good luck. My fingers are crossed for you. It is never nice to be given hopeful news and then be left dangling there. It’s like sitting a kid in the living room on Christmas morning but telling them they can’t open their gifts until the afternoon. … (holds back repressed memories) 🙂

  2. I find it very incredibly ironic that as soon as you post that you are just going to forget about the housing market and your part in it for awhile, you receive a good offer on your house. Ain’t the universe a funny place! I hope everything works out for you, Kait!


  3. That totally freakin’ rocks, Kait! It’s that whole, “I’m ok staying where I am” attitude, and then boom! Offer comes through. Maybe it will work when you look at houses. Exciting!

    1. I’m a big fan of stuff like baskets and storage pieces of furniture to corral the stuff I use all the time. I had a bunch of stuff I use on a regular basis that was sitting out in plain sight in baskets and such that I was required to adios for all the showings because it was considered clutter. Not having to show the house means I can pull it back OUT where I can FIND STUFF again!

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