Mid-week Check-In

So it’s Day 10 of Round 3 at ROW80.

After last week’s massive upset, I finally got back into writing on Monday with a respectable 1100 words that brought me within 4 chapters of the end of Red.  I am past the 75% mark and working my way through the build of that final climax.  Tuesday I came in at 640 words, which I was very happy with considering that I was procrastinating on the scene SO BAD, I came home and push mowed 2/3rds of my yard when the heat index was 106.  I’d have done the whole thing but the grass was so high, my electric mower didn’t last all the way through.  Hubs finished when he got home from work a couple hours later.

Sooper Seekrit Sexy Next Book seems content to sit back now that I’ve had the initial flurry of note making.  I’ve got a pretty decent blueprint started and most of Act 1 outlined.  There’s a long list of questions that need answering before I go further with the plot, and those I’ve made note of and am letting them percolate.

This morning is all about the vet.  A couple months ago, Daisy had a bacterial infection.  Well, my father in law recently discovered that his dog also has a bacterial infection–and it was at such an advanced state, he’s probably had it since Daisy had hers originally.  Add to that my dogs are acting weird and Callie actually TURNED DOWN FOOD, and I’m hauling them both in to get checked since they’ve been hanging out at G’pa’s.  Daisy was going in anyway for a teeth cleaning. (Update: No infection in either of them.)

After that, if I have time, I’ll haul myself to the doctor to get my foot x-rayed to determined if I did or didn’t fracture it over the weekend. (Update: It’s not broken.)  There’s a funky bruising spreading up from between my toes and it’s pretty sore in a dull ache kinda way after yesterday’s mowing, so it seems prudent to have it checked.  It would break my life long streak of never having broken a bone.

At least all the waiting room time will give me a good chunk of reading time to wallow in Daughter of Smoke and Bone, which is all kinds of awesome.

12 thoughts on “Mid-week Check-In

  1. Congratulations on passing the 75% mark with Red!
    I hope the vet visit goes well, and I hope your doctor’s visit is positive!
    Wishing you a creative and productive week 🙂


  2. How did you manage to not be aware that you’d damaged your foot that badly? Although I can’t talk – I walked around for a week with a sprained foot that eventually got so bad I was on crutches for three months :S

  3. My son almost didn’t go to the doctor when he had a broken foot, but luckily he did. He ended up having to have surgery to clean out a bunch of little bone fragments. It’s always better to be sure, so I’m glad you’re getting that checked out.

    I hope your doggies are ok.

    And congrats on your writing progress! You’re doing great!

  4. A broken foot? Ouch! Good luck on getting that checked. And I hope your puppies are nice and healthy after their checkup and then you can go on and have another productive week (with hopefully lower temperatures. Seriously, the heat index was over 100 in NYC, too and it was MURDER in the subways. I can’t imagine doing physical work outside.)

  5. Congrats on getting so far with Red! And I’m glad Sooper Seekrit book isn’t stunting your writing any more. That can be really frustrating.

    I hope the dogs are all right. It’s always scary when the fur babies get sick because they can’t tell us what hurts.

    And your foot, good grief. Your luck hasn’t been great the last couple of weeks. Hope it’s ok!

  6. Kait,
    I’m hoping the foot is just sprained, and that your furbabies are all right. I have to take one of my furbabies to the vet tomorrow to start his heartworm treatment 🙁 We forgot the heartworm meds one month last summer when I had surgery; luckily we’ve caught it early and only one has it. But it still makes me feel like a very bad pet parent.

    Great job on getting so far with Red! Yee-haw! Especially with all that is going on in your life! You’re being such a tease with Sooper Seekrit book, but I understand why you’re back-burnering it.

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