Operation Goddess In Training (G.I.T.)

I am very motivated by having badges and making public declarations, so even though I’ve talked in the past about Operation Goddess In Training, I fell off the wagon in a BIG WAY during all the house stress and in honor of  getting back into the groove, I decided to make a badge to post here on the blog.  I’ll probably make this post a Page too so anybody stumbling on me talking about it later will know what I’m talking about.  Behold, the G.I.T. badge. —->

This phrase actually came from an email from my agent, the Magnificent Laurie McLean and I really love the sound of it.  Not in an I think I’m gorgeous and better than everyone kind of way because, lord knows, that is NOT at all the case.  The reason I like the goddess thing is that, to my mind, goddesses are worshiped, taken care of, pampered.  So by thinking of myself as a goddess (in training), I’m working on worshiping and taking care of and pampering my body into good health and fitness.  This means eating right, sticking to my calorie budget, and exercising.  Because my BRAIN works a crapton better when I do all these things and I FEEL BETTER.

As I mentioned, all the stress with the house means that I’ve fallen off this wagon in a major way.  I’ve been stress eating like there’s no tomorrow, dropping all but the most minimal of exercise, totally stopped doing my yoga.  Consequently my stress levels have gone up up UP, as has my weight (REALLY? 5 pounds in THREE WEEKS?), and my productivity has gone DOWN down down.  It hasn’t actually stopped but the quality definitely isn’t up to par IMO.  So gotta start taking care of myself again and get my Zen back.

That brings me to the public declaration part of things.  Observe in the side bar over there, I have a smaller version of the G.I.T. badge and a Streak count.  This is how many days I’ve stuck to my goals (meaning done all my exercise and stuck to my calorie budget).  Yesterday was a success, so I have a streak of 1 day so far.  I’ve got it out there, in public, so y’all can help KEEP ME ACCOUNTABLE (you know I’m all about accountability with ROW80).  If you like the idea, feel free to nab the badge for your own blog.

Now if you’re a GUY and you’re interested in this, God in Training just doesn’t have the same ring to it.  So pal Andrew Mocete and I decided that for men, it should be Spartan In Training.  Which means you get THIS:

Okay, maybe that was really more for the women…

Wait a minute.  How about THIS:

There.  Now you boys aren’t left out.  Even though you’re probably too cool to actually use a badge and announce your fitness goals to the world. (See, that’s totally reverse psychology trying to goad you into it.)  Be loud and proud and state your goals!

5 thoughts on “Operation Goddess In Training (G.I.T.)

  1. Yay for badges and public accountability!! I was going to do that and then didn’t lose anything that week and wussed out. When I get my life back, i.e. a plug adaptor fog my laptop’s power cable, I should probably take care of that. Although god knows how my body will react to this trip!!! Well done, you. You’re doing great!!

  2. Oh, man, did I ever need this! Being accountable is about the only way I’m going to do anything with this eating/exercising thing. I may have to grab that badge as soon as I decide what day my GIT week starts. Thanks, Kait! And we’ll be watching you…. LOL

  3. Oh, I love this! I’ve been cutting corners on my goals to increase my workout, and though I’ve been improving my eating habits, there’s no way I’m going to get to my goal weight without doing both. Once I’m back from vacation, I’m kicking it back into gear. Good luck!

  4. maybe I need that – long way off goddess – even in training- with stones to lose but hey even a goddess has to sart somewhere – course goddess might not be the right description any ideas on elderly wrinkly trying to regain former goddess staus ?

  5. I refer to my self-improvement regimen as “Andi Beautification”… but I kind of like “Goddess in Training” better. This morning I was finally able to complete 2 miles in just under 40 minutes. Not exactly Olympic speed there, I know, but it’s a lot faster than my arse was moving when stuck to the couch. Think I shall borrow your badge & counter for my bloggy-blog, if the hubz will oblige me and post it. He hates adding stuff like that, yet he is the one who still collects cassette tapes. Guess we each have our own sense of “stuff” that keeps us happy.

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