Midweek Check-In and ANOTHER SNB

I am feeling BETTER!  (Thanks for asking.)  Back at work today.  Boo.  I was really enjoying my movie marathons (North & South–swoon, Van Helsing–way cheesier than I remembered, Letters To Juliet–hits all of my happy buttons for good story).  I had all these grand plans of WRITING on my sick days.  But…not so much.  I DID get all the check-in posts laid in for the rest of Round three of ROW80, which is something that had been looming, so that was a yay.

I wound up with nothing on Monday except for a massive Sexy Next Book (or really Sexy Next Trilogy) idea unrelated to the previous Sooper Seekrit SNB I talked about a couple of weeks ago.  I had to open a blueprint to get this new heroine to shut up.  And then she INSISTED on telling me all about this love triangle and the two guys vying for her affections.  Apparently there’s nothing like the imminent end of a book to have my brain going off on all kinds of interesting and totally unrelated jaunts.  On books that are SO NOT EVEN the next two projects in the pipeline.  :headdesk:

I told hubs about a little bit of it last night (as I got OUT of bed to go make plot notes) and he went

Then he asked me if I needed some Xanex (I secretly think he meant some kind of anti-psychotic because I wasn’t anxious and I admit the idea is all kinds of crazy).

I wound up getting about 600 words on Tuesday and 811 over breakfast this morning on Red.  Seven scenes to go.


12 thoughts on “Midweek Check-In and ANOTHER SNB

  1. Good progress. I keep one of those index card boxes full of sexy new ideas. I get them all the time. They’re like some sort of mental tic. Keep on keeping on. 😀

  2. Agreed. Love those sexy new ideas. Yet it sounds like you’re staying on track and doing great. My husband always looks like that when I start to talk about an idea — actually, he looks for an escape route.

  3. Your head is full of stuff now! Good stuff. Do you keep it all in little compartments up there? LOL

    Seriously, it’s great to know you’ll continue to have things to work on. The more ideas, the better. I keep being afraid I’ll run out.

    1. My mom said something about that to me once and I looked at her like she was nuts. I’ll NEVER run out of ideas. I’ve got enough book ideas to get me through the next twenty years, and that doesn’t count all the new stuff that keeps coming up.

  4. Woo-hoo for great progress on Red! Git ‘er done! (I actually really hate that phrase. No idea why it just popped out.)

    Also, the otter pic? ADORBZ.

  5. Yes, I know what it’s like to have tangential thoughts that come from some unknown place…and you’re smart to write them down! Even if you don’t use them for awhile….

    My two current WIPs began as seemingly “unrelated jaunts,” and then morphed into short stories…and then they seemed to grow and grow!

  6. Your husbands reaction (or the depiction of it) makes me laugh. My husband had a similar reaction when I said to him, “I’ve got a new idea for a book, what do you think?” And before I could even start he said, “Wait a minute. What about the book you’re working on NOW?” And then trying to explain that I wasn’t working on this new idea, it was just an idea was just confusing for him. Haha!

    Nice job with your progress on Red.

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