Friday Fitness GIT Update and Smattering

As you can see by my little badge over there, I am now on a new 2 day GIT streak.  Before I left for my work trip last week, I was down 3.5 pounds.  I came home up 4.  :eyeroll:  My uneasy stomach on Monday and Tuesday meant I didn’t quite get back into the groove again until Wednesday.  Now I’m down 2.5 again.

Shamelessly stolen from the host recipe

Of course I’ve been having terrible and vicious cravings for baked ziti for two weeks, which I am indulging in tonight because I just can’t take it anymore.  I WANTS IT.  Baked ziti used to be something I could take or leave.  It was just pasta and marinara and ricotta, usually some mozzarella.  But THIS, THIS baked ziti (which was shared with me by the lovely, if evil, Jessica) has SOUR cream.  FRESH mozzarella.  PROVOLONE.  It is rich and delicious and TERRIBLE for you.  I mean, seriously.  Is that not utterly DROOLWORTHY?  I am making some concessions to try and satisfy my craving without being TOO TOO bad.  Light sour cream (I’ve been wanting to try Kraft’s new Simply Sour Cream).  Part-skim mozz.  LESS provolone.  Less mozz.  And of course, brown rice pasta so hubs can eat it.  And I’m gonna make a half batch so it’s not hanging around taunting me like the demon-ridden deliciousness it is.  And then it’s hubby’s birthday this weekend.  Which means home Mexican and peanut butter ice cream.  We have talked about the peanut butter ice cream.   The Balvenie of crack (because it is a seriously high quality, addictive substance).

So the streak is not going to last long.  My goal is to not GAIN weight over the weekend and get back on the wagon Monday.

I still haven’t gotten back to yoga.  My butt’s been glued to the exercise bike as I devoured my ARC of The Iron Knight (review forthcoming as soon as I figure out how to talk about it without major spoilers).  I’ve been away so long, I’m thinking of restarting the program at novice, just to build back up.  But I probably won’t even do that until I knock Red out, which looks like next week sometime.

I’m into the final fight scene, which is going very slowly.  I like writing fight scenes.  And usually I’m very good at them.  But I have discovered I am way way better at writing hand to hand combat than I am hand to wolf, which is where I am in the story.  I have discovered there are not nearly enough synonyms for “lunge” in the English language.  But still moving right along. Once it’s done, it’ll go to Susan, The Pink Hammer, for critique.  I challenge any New York editor to be better than she is.  While she’s ripping the book to shreds, I shall be rereading all my Mirus work to get my head back in that world (and OMG, I totally could NOT remember the name of my paranormal FBI last night!  I had to LOOK IT UP!), which I have been long awaiting.  Then the rest of August will be a mishmash of revisions and knocking out the last 12k of Riven.

I know, I know.

I can’t help it.  It’s a compulsion.  I’m a grade A, 24 carat control freak.  Telling me not to plan is like asking me not to breathe.

Anyway, off to do, you know, real work.


3 thoughts on “Friday Fitness GIT Update and Smattering

  1. Oh, yum on the ziti! I love all forms of pasta with cheese and sauce. And sour cream? Oh my.

    Your fight scenes are always really good. I guess it is different when a wolf is involved, but I know it will be just as good.

  2. I found your blog looking for coupons for KRAFT Simply Sour Cream. No joke. Anyway, I’ve tried it and I could taste a big difference…way better tasting on my baked potatoes!

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