Sunday Summary and #ROW80 Update

  1. I just woke up from the most ridiculous, effed up anxiety dream.  For some reason, in the dream, we hired these people to fix our fence (I have no idea WHY, there’s nothing WRONG with our fence).  And we get out there and they are ripping off the perfectly good chain link and putting up something that I can literally tear through with my hands and that Callie could easily eat her way through (and was).  So I had a hissy fit and said “No No NO! Put it back.”  And they did some kind of hack job thing that left gaping holes the dogs could just walk right through.  I was furious.  And THEN I go inside and am suddenly at my mother’s house, where I find out the 8 foot man (because, really these were circus people moonlighting as handymen) had BROKEN THE TOILET in her powder room and replaced it with a URINAL that had a FOLD DOWN SEAT.  I totally lost it and I’m sitting there DEMANDING that they replace it with a NORMAL TOILET of comparable quality to the one that broke and give us the money to hire someone to fix the wall and all I could think was how TOTALLY FURIOUS my mom was gonna be.  Awake I can appreciate the funny, but it was NOT a restful dream.  I’m just grateful there were no clowns.  :shudder:
  2. Hubby liked his new fancy pants Cuisinart coffee maker (his birthday present)It’s exactly like the one we got as a wedding present that we sold when he got a new coffee maker (the kind with a tank that dispenses directly into a cup) from his folks for Christmas one year.  Then that one broke within 6 months and he’s been unhappy with the Mr. Coffee replacement I’d gotten him from Walmart (and admittedly, the carafe SUCKS on that one and doesn’t pour well).  So back to bells and whistles it is.  Except in red.  To match my kitchen.  At half price.  Thank you Amazon.
  3. Hoping to start a new GIT streak today.  I knew my brief one from last week would get interrupted this weekend.  But that’s okay.  I don’t think I did TOO much damage with one day’s serious cheat.  Not checking until Monday.
  4. I got further confirmation of how much I do NOT want a Kindle and am happy with my Nook this week.  I was showing my MIL how to use Netgalley and trying to put a book on there.  With the Nook it’s nice and easy.  Download the galley, which is opened in Adobe Digital Additions, then sideload.  Just like adding new music to your MP3 player.  On the Kindle, apparently, Netgalley emails it to the Kindle using Whispernet, which requires you adding the Netgalley email address to the approved senders list, which is not called what Amazon calls it in the notice they send indicating you screwed up.  And then it’s not free.  You have to pay per MB, which necessitated yet ANOTHER trip into the account to change that limit.  And then you have to apparently delete all the notices from Amazon from when you screwed up the first time, thinking this would be easy, before it will actually sync and give you the book.  Now I have no idea if you can sideload stuff normally on there or not, but you definitely can’t seem to with Netgalley, and overall, I think it’s a massive PITA.  I think my MIL is going to wind up getting a Nook so we can share books again.
  5. The Near Witch by the lovely and fantastically funny Victoria Schwab comes out on TUESDAY.  You should absolutely go out and buy a copy.  I preordered, so it’ll show up on my Nook JUST IN TIME to be a reading reward for finishing the first draft of Red
  6. Angst Kitten: Beware. Highly dangerous. (via Wikimedia Commons by Luis Miguel Bugallo Sánchez)

    YES I SAID IT; finishing the first draft of RedIt’s gonna happen this week.  I have two scenes and some change to go.  Now I’m going to require major revisions in the fourth act because it’s just too short and I’ve kind of run out of mental gas and I’ve been having angst kittens over it.  But still, a DRAFT WILL BE COMPLETE.  It will then go out to my CP, Susan “The Pink Hammer” Bischoff, and my agent, The Magnificent Laurie McLean, for critique (did anybody just imagine my anthropomorphized manuscript in the ring with two opponents?  Just me?).  And then I am taking a break and doing some paint your own pottery and reading.  See!  NOT WORK!  Aren’t you proud?

  7. How was your week?

8 thoughts on “Sunday Summary and #ROW80 Update

  1. Mm, that coffee maker sounds lovely.
    And hey, congratulations on having two scenes left to go! And good luck! I’m in exactly the same boat. Got five scenes left. If I haul a** (never mind having to spend most of the day on a family visit), I could be ready to print a clean version and send to betas tomorrow!

  2. LOL, I have crazy dreams like that all the time. And then I feel like I haven’t slept. Sometimes they can be so vivid I have to stop and think whether or not they’re really a dream.

    Yay on finishing the first draft of Red! Good job:)

  3. I am spectacularly proud. You talking about your angst dreams and kittens makes me think maybe that’s where my weirdo (and I mean seriously) dreams are coming from. I mean, really, I’m seeing some stuff in my head that I have never seen in my life. Not restful in the slightest, so you have my sympathy. Congrats on (nearly) the first draft of Red! You’re awesome!! *confetti (bars)*

  4. I’m glad to know I’m not the only one that has weird dreams. It must have something to do with creative minds.

    I’m jealous about the new coffee maker. I’m thinking of replacing my cheap one.

    I bought a bicycle yesterday, so I hope that will help my G.I.T. Unfortunately, right now, it’s way too hot to ride it. 🙁

    Yay for being almost done with Red! I can’t wait to read it.

  5. Congratulations on finishing the first draft of Red! Maybe we can distract the angst kittens with some yarn or something. I found your anxiety dream kind of hilarious – how is it that it’s always the more “normal” dreams that are terrifying, and not the ones where the vampire chases you around the haunted house? At least for me.

  6. I have those weird dreams too. Earlier this week I had this one where I suddenly panicked that I’d forgotten to go to work for a month, a new job I had only gone to for three days. And since the dream was just as I was waking up, I almost believed it was true. Until I woke up enough for reality to sink in and go 1. I’d never forget a job so obliviously. 2. No one else in the house would let me forget a job that completely. And 3. I had that job all last summer and didn’t do it again this year, and that I have no outside-the-home job right now. But the anxiety didn’t completely wear off for an hour or two while I resettled my head with reality.

    Hope you finish your first draft story! I just finished one of mine yesterday. It’s an awesome feeling.

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