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So part and parcel of this whole promo thing for launching Red is going to be a blog tour.  I’m in the process of scheduling it now.  I’ve done this before and have come up with all kinds of off the wall blog posts (one of my favorites being about the things I learned about writing from playing Zombie Farm).  But this one’s going to be a bit more focused on the book and the theme–every fairy tale has a dark side.  Because, of course, they do.

But one of the things I want to do is to generate a bank of interview questions.  I like interviews, but often host bloggers are hesitant because, of course, that means they have to THINK UP QUESTIONS (and having been an interview host, this is sometimes hard to do).  So to try to snag a few more interviews, I’d like to have a bank of questions they can pick from so I can pull together answers from a much longer thing, which should save me time, and hopefully disseminate different information at different places.

That’s where you come in!

Toss your questions into the comments!  Anything you want to know about me, my writing, my books in general, Red in particular, whatever.  Anything goes (as long as it’s not tasteless or raunchy–sometimes you never know with people).  Anything that doesn’t get used in a tour stop interview, I’ll compile into an interview here at the blog.

So let ‘er rip!

Ask me anything!

13 thoughts on “Ask Me Anything

  1. Is that your natural hair colour? Who’s your favourite bad guy? What colour polka dots do you prefer? What’s the most evil flower? Was Rumpelstiltskin the victim of a vicious smear campaign?

    That’s all for now… 😉

  2. How about- Book, movie or TV show what is the most embarrassing thing you love? Would you like to be one of your characters or do you (as the writer) torture them too much? And if yes, which character? Getting a good review for which author would make you freak out the most?

  3. How do your feelings compare to the release of your first book versus the release of Red? Did you have a party and what are your plans to celebrate for the release of Red?

    Is this to benign – should have I have been more profound or witty 🙂 LOL Good luck on the tour and I look forward to following it around. I could ask if there will be cake and Kool-Aid?

  4. Did you find Red more difficult to write than you other stories, since it was YA. (I am 85% of the way thru Red, so this question might be answered when I finish), but do you plan 0n writing a sequel to Red or any other YA stories?

  5. These may not be questions you can answer or want to answer.


    You’re self-pubbed. You’re agented. In this world of un-agented self-pubbers, how does having an agent give you an edge?

    What services do you advise authors who are considering self-publication to plan on paying for? (Examples: content editing, copy editing, book trailer, cover design, etc.)


    How big a part did “real” little red riding hood legends play in your worldbuilding?

    The name Elodie is unusual. How did you choose it?


    What made you decide to write in double first person? Did you enjoy it more than writing in third person?

    How many times did you rewrite Red?

    Thanks for opening the floor. 😀

  6. What aspects of people you encounter make for the best, and worst, characters in your writing, and how does that differ from how much you like/hate them in real life?

    Do you ever find yourself writing your opinions into your stories? Give examples.

    What do you think about writing in different vernaculars to show character styles?

    If you ever loosely based a character on a friend, would you tell that friend?

    What are some words you feel should never be used in fiction? (Example: I recently read a book that described the male lead as “yummy.” That, along with a few other phrases, made me put the book down. I just could not get past the campy nature of it.)

    Do you prefer stories that are wholly resolved, or leave strings?

    If you could redo something you did in your life, what would it be?

    If you could relive a part of your life over again (just to experience it), what would it be?

    If you got paid a bundle, would you be willing to write someone into your story? (I think I saw this once in a Pearls Before Swine strip)

    If you had to step into someone else’s life that was completely different than your own while still maintaining your personality/skills (aka not a Southern writer, but you could keep your great hair), what do you think that life would look like? Would you be a pilot? A teacher?

    What are some of the most random, but interesting, things that have ever happened to you?

    I think that’s some.

  7. I finshed Red today and thought it was awesome. I loved the story and the characters. I guess I’m a sucker for true love.
    Is Red a stand alone book or is it the first of a eries? I would love to see the story continue.

  8. Awesome! Can you do a blog tour in my blog? Congratulations with RED. 🙂

    For the actual question, where did you come up of the idea for Red? Did it land to you through the muse or did you force your brain to come up with it?

  9. Where would you like to go on vacation?

    What’s a new band you’ve discovered and loved in this past year?

    How do you keep your romances fresh and fun?

    Are you doing NaNo this year? Come to think of it, have you done NaNo in the past?

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