So after Susan made her lovely post announcing the forthcoming release of the much-awaited Heroes ‘Til Curfew, I decided to shamelessly swipe her idea of creating a sharable badge that peeps who liked Red could use on their blog or Facebook or whatever.

You get two choices.  One is just the very professional, straight up cover and tagline:

Click the picture to Download

The other is a bit more fun.  For all you ladies who really adore Sawyer and want to declare it to the world (and at the risk of irritating all my patiently waiting Mick fans):

Click the Picture to Download

Just a bit of fun for this Saturday morning.  Nab ’em and slap ’em up if you are so inclined.

And because you should TOTALLY mark your calendars to look out for Heroes ‘Til Curfew:

Have a great weekend!

6 thoughts on “Badges!

  1. I right clicked and saved and put on my blog. But I couldn’t get the “click here to download” to work. It’s not showing as a link. It may be something wrong on my end, but I thought I would let you know so you can test it.

      1. Sorry. *grins sheepishly*. I just thought people that didn’t know to right click and “save image as” wouldn’t get it. LOL. Susan’s picture was a link that went to Flickr and I thought you did the same thing, and that you could left click your pic. And I am NOT going to say “my bad” because I hate that expression. Hahahahahaha.

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