Spike Spills The Beans: The Skinny on YA Author Michelle Muto

Kait’s off buried under fairy tale research–why is she watching Ever After for the 800th time?  Since Elodie’s just as big a sap and is camped out on the sofa with her and hogging all the popcorn, I decided to pop in and take over the blog for the day.  You know, totally in the name of lightening her load.  >.>

Okay, I admit it, I’m bored.  So is the lizard.

M pal Spike (the lizard who turned human and back again) and I decided to do a tell all about our authors.  All the juicy details they’d never tell themselves.  😀  You can find Spike’s interview of me over at Michelle Muto’s blog, where he’s also taking over for the day.

Sawyer: What’s the skinny?  Is Michelle a pantser or plotter?  Does she have a plan or let you characters run the show?

Spike: Michelle is mostly a plotter. But, she’s prone to changing the outline as she goes. Makes it hard for us characters, you know? *rolls eyes* Luckily, she let’s us have plenty of input. She’s great about that.

Sawyer: Does Michelle have any super secret writing rituals?

Spike: I’d have to tell you, but then Ivy would have to turn you into a moth and I’d have to eat you! HA! Lizard humor. Kidding. Kidding. Say, you don’t happen to have a bug problem around here, do you? No? Sorry. Anyway, Michelle doesn’t really have any rituals. She writes when she can. No music, no noise. She likes to write in silence.

Sawyer: Is Book of Lost Souls a stand alone or the first in a series?

Spike: It’s the first in a series. She’s working on the next one now.

Sawyer: Who does Michelle secretly want to cast in a TV or movie version of BoLS?

Spike: I think Chris Hemsworth would do me justice, except for the blue eyes. Unfortunately, Michelle thinks Chris looks like another character. Michelle thinks I’m more like that Twilight guy because of his spiky hair and all. What’s his name? Robert Pattinson? Seriously, does she think the entire Northwick High cheerleading squad would go for his type? Dude! Really?  Do I look like Pattinson to you?  *Desperately tries to smooth hair* Don’t answer that.

Sawyer: How did you like your stint as a human at Ivy’s Halloween dance?

Spike: It was sort of fun. An excitable bunch, but at least the refreshments were good. You should have seen the size of the dragonflies on this one girl’s dress!

Sawyer: Tell us, does Michelle work in jammies and bunny slippers?

Spike: Nope. Ratty t-shirts, comfy sweaters/sweatshirts, and jeans, mostly.

Sawyer: How much of herself does Michelle put in her characters?

Spike: A lot. There’s a bit of her in Ivy, Raven, and even me.

Sawyer: Who came first?  You or Nick?

Spike: *grins* Me! Take that Nick Marcelli! Lizards rule! Demons drool!

Sawyer: Where did the idea for Book of Lost Souls come from?

Spike: Too much wine, Harry Potter, and Stephanie Plum? I have no idea. Michelle comes up with some really weird stuff. It’s rather scary at times.

Sawyer: And finally, the Beezelpup.  Do you fear him?

Spike: Devlin? Nah! We’re the best of buds – at least when I’m in human form. He speaks to my inner animal. Lucky for me, when I’m a lizard, I don’t squeak, so I’d say I’m pretty safe from getting hacked up on the living room carpet like that Guinea Pig!

Sawyer:  Thanks for stopping by Spike.  I’ve gotta go adios before Kait realizes I’ve hijacked her laptop again.  Meanwhile, folks, go check out Michelle’s The Book of Lost Souls, available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, and iTunes & iBookIt’s a rip-roaring, funny read (and yeah, I’m a guy who hijacked Kait’s Nook, too.  Sue me.  Reading is still manly.)

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  1. Oh, man, this is brilliant. Why doesn’t anyone think to interview my cats about me?

    Ah, right. Because the answer to every question would be, “Um, excuse me, why aren’t you petting me? …That’s better. Now, excuse me, it’s time for my nap.”

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