Sunday Summary

  1. I’ve been at my mom’s all weekend showing off my prowess at hanging pictures, shelves, and every manner of accessory known to man.  After 16 moves, I OUGHT to be good at it.  She moved about a month ago and is still getting things sorted out.
  2. Looking over yesterday’s poll results, they absolutely bear out my assumption that most of my peeps are fellow writers.  Which, you know, is no shock.  But good to have confirmation.  Interestingly, looking at the actual search terms for my blog,
  3. Looking at the second poll, looks like y’all mostly want to hear more about books I’m reading and my crazy student stories.  I can do that.  I don’t have any interest in getting into formal rated book reviews, but I have no problems sharing what I love about what I’m reading.  And sadly, there’s never any lack of examples among my students that prove that Idiocracy is coming true.
  4. Red has been out for nearly 3 weeks now.  Sales have been a bit slower than I expected.  Okay, I  confess, a lot slower.  Some of that is the general slowing of sales in reaction to the lousy economy.  But some of it is because, well, there’s less cross-over in my fan base than I expected.  I read paranormal anything, be it YA or adult.  But not everybody does.  So to a large extent, this is basically me launching into a wholly new genre, not so much what I’ve built my platform for.  In that light, sales haven’t been bad.  I’m not complaining.  It will build, as things always build, and as it gains more visibility, sales will increase.   It just takes time.
  5. I finally knocked out the last of my guest posts and interviews!  I can’t tell you the load that is off my brain.  My tour went on a wee break over the holiday weekend, but it picks back up tomorrow morning and runs through September 15th.
  6. I have no idea what my next ROW80 goal will be.  I’m kicking around an idea for a short story, and I’m still working on plotting out the next Mirus novel.  We’ll see where my brain goes now that I’m freed up from promo stuff.
  7. I’ve been on nearly a two week G.I.T. streak.  I haven’t worked out quite as much as I should, but I’ve been on the ball with my calorie counting and making better choices.  I’ve been really good about measuring things.  And I spent 36 hours in a house with lemon ice box pie and didn’t eat any.  Levis Outlet, here I come!

3 thoughts on “Sunday Summary

  1. I KNOW most of my blog followers are fellow authors, too. I bet that’s true for most of us.

    I think everyone’s sales are slow right now. I’ve heard a lot of people talking about that. I hope January and February make up for slow sales now. It sure did last year for me.

    Congrats on a two week G.I.T. streak! I’m still trying to get myself motivated. Now that it has cooled down, I should be able to ride my bike. Um…after the rain and flooding is over. I can’t complain, though. After this drought, we needed the rain. Is your weather about the same as mine?

  2. Kait,

    I have “Red” on my TBR list for Kindle so you have a sale from little old me coming. I don’t know why people are hesitant to cross over with the pricing that we get for e-Books.

    Incidentally if you are looking for places to expand your tour (who don’t mind a repeat post), please do consider Writers In The Storm. You’re always welcome at my place too, but Writers In The Storm is actively filling guest spots for September and the numbers are usually great.

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