Sunday Summary

  1. It is OCTOBER!  Yahoooooooooooo!  The weather is GORGEOUS this weekend.  I actually wore a light coat yesterday!  It was marvelous.  Of course next week it’ll probably be back in the mid-80s because that’s how it works here in Mississippi, but for the moment, I am HAPPY.  I even get to hang out in my big fluffy bathrobe this morning.  Hubs is off to play some golf with a buddy and I have some inside work to do, but I’ll throw open the windows later to air out the house.
  2. First on my plate is knocking out a crit for another friend.  I’m nearly finished with it, then need to transfer all my notes from the paper copy to the electronic copy, so I can email it.
  3. Then I’ve got a few guest posts to get out of the way.  I admit, I’ve been putting them off.  After the tour at the beginning of last month, I’m kinda guest posted out.
  4. Since the weather is so gorgeous, I may haul myself outside this morning to actually weed the flowerbeds (which are kind of in dire need of it).  This is the kind of weather where I actually don’t MIND working in the yard.  If it never got any hotter than this here, I might actually learn to properly GARDEN.  What a concept, right?  As it is, I totally enjoy the fruits of other people’s labor (in their yard–I can’t afford for someone to labor in mine!).
  5. I’ve also got the pilot episode of The Secret Circle to watch.  I don’t expect to like it any better than I liked The Vampire Diaries, which I stopped watching once they fully departed from the books, but I feel compelled to give it a try.  It was my second favorite trilogy by L.J. Smith (second to Dark Visions).
  6. I’m also gonna start doing some research on gluten free Oktoberfest recipes.  A friend has a birthday at the end of the month and that’s the theme of the potluck that night.  There will be brats and beer cheese fondu and German potato salad…and all kinds of disgustingly wonderful food.  I might even get brave enough to make schnitzel.
  7. I’m back on the bandwagon with Operation G.I.T.  This week I started the weights routing from Tom Venuto’s The Body Fat Solution.  That’s been going pretty well.  I’ve got a friend’s wedding coming up in a few weeks, so I’m trying to tone up for the little black dress that goes with THAT event.
  8. Tomorrow begins Round 4 of ROW80, so I also need to give some thought to my goals for that.  And hopefully get a bit more done on the opening scene for Devil’s Snare today.

5 thoughts on “Sunday Summary

  1. Ugh, colour me envious of your nice weather. It’s been a little too chilly and rainy for my tastes around here lately, but there is a marvelous blue sky outside of my window right now so maybe some of your nice weather has traveled up North a little.

    And now I’ll also be over here, salivating over Oktoberfest food. Yuuuuuum!

  2. Yesterday here in Holland is was 31C and today about 30 again. It is crazy weather for october but as we didn’t have one day this warm the whole summer I am certainly not going to complain.

    Oooh yeah Round 4. I need to do some word counting and see if my current goal is actually realistic or not.

  3. We worked in the garden yesterday. Pulling weeds, cleaning out the spent plants, deadheading and burying bulbs. Have a wonderful Sunday in this beautiful cooler weather.

  4. It’s been so nice here, too. There’s a strong breeze blowing and it’s about 60 degrees right now, high of 68. I’m loving it. But so cold at night. I DON’T like that.

    Ah, Oktoberfest. When I was in Helen, GA for our anniversary, I got to eat all kinds of German food. My favorite was the sauerbraten. Yum!

  5. I’ve been putting off turning on the heat. Don’t want to quite relinquish myself that summer is over, as the joek around town is we got 72 hours of summer this year. Sounds like you’ve got alot on your plate to do, good luck!

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