#ROW80 Check In and More Pubit Shenanigans

Not a whole lot to report on the writing front.  1918 on Monday.  180 yesterday.  I’m not exactly stuck, but I’m mulling over the best way to approach a scene and can’t make up my mind.

Plus I was very distracted by watching the poll results for Mississippi where I am ecstatic to say that Prop 26, the Personhood Initiative did NOT pass–proof that there are more intelligent people in my home state than I give us credit for.

AND I was busy dealing with the latest muck up at Pubit.  So I went into my dashboard to make some adjustments to my product description of Red, clicked on the Edit Book link…and found that all of my information, categories, price, etc. HAD BEEN CHANGED TO SOME OTHER PERSON’S BOOK.  Initially I thought that somehow the system had sent me into someone else’s dashboard, so I got right out and emailed support.  Then I saw on the actual product page that everything had been changed.  So I went back in and discovered that the cover and the book file was still mine and immediately changed everything else back to MY information (and changed my password).  It kept giving me a message that I had to wait an hour between price changes.  For about eight hours.  I sent numerous emails to various segments of Pubit support and of course heard nothing.  I did finally get to change my price back last night before bed but not before I sold some copies at the lower price and missed out on royalties, which I’m sure BN will do nothing about.

So…I have no idea what happened.  It’s conceivable that my account was hacked, though I don’t think that was the case.  There actually IS a book by this other person listed on BN and the most likely scenario is some kind of glitch in the system.  So…yeah.  That was frustrating.

On the upside, tomorrow hubs and the dogs and I are headed out to Tybee Island for vacation.  It’s just a long weekend, but it is much needed and we’re very excited.

And this might be my most boring ROW80 update yet…

5 thoughts on “#ROW80 Check In and More Pubit Shenanigans

  1. Yeah, I was slowed down by watching election results too. (Note to Self: Schedule election days as events in my calendar for future writing challenges/dares.)

    And yeah, your pubit situation sounded more like a glitch than an intentional hijacking. Intentional hijacking would have changed your password and money account info, or if just a prank, would have put insulting things in your book description.

  2. I think PubIt must have been a little glitchy lately. My sales from 11/4 totally disappeared, then reappeared a couple of days later. Maybe everyone should go check on their book descriptions!

    Have fun at Tybee Island! Vacations are great, even if they’re short.

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