Sunday Summary and #ROW80 Update

  1. Really late update today.  I am somewhat delayed by the fact that while pouring my husband’s coffee this morning, the top came off the coffee pot and most of a scalding pot of coffee spilled all over my arm.  I’m okay.  It’s not blistered or anything.  But it sucketh verily and lidocane is currently my most favoritest thing EVAR.  I had to make a Walmart run for burn stuff and gauze and the like.
  2. I am officially done with my Christmas shopping!  Don’t talk to me about wrapping.  I’m trying not to think about it.
  3. The semester is officially OVER. Final grades are calculated and turned in.  And on that note…
  4. Hubby graduated!  Yahoo!  Congrats baby!  He’s been working full time and going to school half time for the last three years.
  5. We’ve got a new guilty pleasure: WipeoutThis show is flipping hilarious.  It’s totally slapstick, funny, people falling and being hit and looking silly kind of fun.  Highly recommend.
  6. On the writing front, things have been going well on DOTH.  I have averaged about 500 words a day this week, which is my bare minimum usually but having been out of routine for so long, I’m quite happy with that.  I’ve knocked out my prologue and started into the first chapter.  Still working on voice for this heroine and getting out of that awful first week or two where I panic that I’ve forgotten how to write anything.  Happens every time.  I’m hoping to have settled into a groove by the end of the week.
  7. On the G.I.T. front…um…yeah.   The holiday parties are killing me.  Lots and lots of over calorie budget and the weather has kept us from walking, so I haven’t gotten the full workouts in and…I’m up 2 pounds.  Radical action must be taken to keep that from becoming five.  That means healthy menu planning between parties and extra exercise…somewhere.

4 thoughts on “Sunday Summary and #ROW80 Update

  1. Eek on your arm – hope it feels better soon. That is awesome about your husband graduating. 🙂 I have never watched Wipeout.. but now I am intrigued.
    And way to go on the writing!! 😀

  2. Gosh, hopes your arm is truly okay.
    I just started Christmas shopping lol still need to buy many, many gifts. Not looking forward to it as I hate shopping.
    Yay for end of semester, yay for your husband!
    Good going on your writing!
    As for holiday parties … I know. Each time I go to my parents’ house over the holidays, I come back with at least 5 pounds more lol
    Have a nice week!

  3. I hope this is nothing serious with your arm 🙁
    Congratulations to your husband!
    Have a fantastic week and keep on your writing. It’s hard to stick to what we need to stick to during the holiday season. Oh, and the extra pounds… sigh.

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