Final Round 4 Check-In

Whoops, forgot to post this earlier today.

So I started out with a goal for Round 4 of writing 500 words a day.  I was, I think, working on Devil’s Snare at the time.  That got tabled for a while and I picked up one of my old romantic suspense projects.  I wrote a few thousand words on that and set that aside.  So then I changed my goal to finish my blueprints for DOOM (Night of the Rabid Gerbil Frenzy of DOOM, the next Mirus novel–working title) and the first book of a paranormal YA trilogy I’d been wanting to write.  Well I finished the latter and actually began writing it.  I’m around 5500 words in (I literally just started a couple weeks ago) and on the days I’ve had a chance to write I have hit that 500 word minimum.  I also made huge strides on the blueprint for DOOM.  I’m not finished yet but I have all my major plot points and my brain’s working on that in the background. I figured out the ending the other day, so my noggin is churning to fill in the pieces of the middle.

It wasn’t what I’d hoped for this round, but it’s progress and by the end of the holiday season, I should be in a nice good groove on DOTH (the paranormal YA) so that I can hit the ground running at the start of 2012 and Round 1.

2 thoughts on “Final Round 4 Check-In

  1. “Night of the Rabid Gerbil Frenzy of DOOM”? Awesome title (even if it’s a working title)! Congratulations on your progress, best of luck filling in DOOM, and happy new year!

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