Operation Goddess In Training Update

I am slowly emerging from what feels like a serious junk food coma.  As of when I got off work for the holiday, I’d gained 5 pounds.  I managed to carve off 2.5 of those as of the day before Christmas Eve.  I haven’t weighed since because I really don’t wanna know.  Instead, as of yesterday, I focused on getting back on the bandwagon with salads and fish (FYI, nut crusted tilapia is marvelous) and a boatload of lemon water to start flushing all that extra sodium out of my system.  All I managed yesterday was a very short boxing workout in the morning, but today I’ll be hitting it hard and starting back with weight lifting.  I stopped back in October when my neck started bothering me, so it is definitely time to add that back to my routine.

I’m getting used to My Fitness Coach for Wii, which was my super awesome Christmas present from Susan.  My initial thoughts on the game are positive.  I ran through the fitness evaluation without a problem.  It has you enter your weight and assorted measurements, then take your resting heart rate, do 2 minutes of jumping jacks (exercise of SATAN) and take your elevated heart rate.  When I got finished, my heart felt like it was gonna beat out of my chest and I could hardly breathe.  And after I entered my elevated heart rate it tells me that I’m at 75% of target heart rate and that was a moderate workout for me.  !!!!!  Seriously?  That’s MODERATE?  I’m really afraid of what it considers serious.  Anyway, there’s a LOT of variation and options in the game: cardio, yoga, weights, body weight exercises.  Unlike most Wii games, this one doesn’t actually track your movements.  You use the wiimote more to navigate menus, then once the workout begins, it’s much more like a customizable workout DVD.  I actually really like that because there are a lot of games where it doesn’t read accurately and you don’t get credit for what you’re really doing.  This one just assumes you’re following.  If you’re a cheater and don’t really do that, well, that’s on you.  It works for me.  The one thing I don’t like is that the workout intervals are in 15 minute chunks.  I wish it were more like 5 minute chunks.  Sometimes I have 20 minutes to work out but not 30, and so on and so forth.  But I just need to adjust my other routine components accordingly.  It also has a setting where you can get workout credit for other stuff you’ve been doing, and I like that.  I’m still in tailoring mode where it tries out different workout bits and then asks how I felt, basically to establish whether that component was too easy, just right, or too hard.

I did a big clean out of my fridge and freezer yesterday.  I am so ashamed of the amount of food that I threw out because it had gone bad.  I had so much that I just forgot was in there because our fridge is really deep and things get shoved to the back and can’t be seen.  So what remains I made an inventory of, and I’m determined to do some menu planning to use it up before I make another grocery run for anything more than basics.  Of course, I say that, and I have $60 worth of alternative flours coming in from Amazon–stocking up for the next 6 months of gluten free baking.  We’re not so much with the low carb in our family, but I’m definitely going to focus on getting back to low sugar after the holiday.  My body is really angry with me over how much of it I’ve eaten.  It’s crying out for VEGETABLES and LEAN PROTEIN.

All in all, I have 9 days until I go back to work, so that’s just over a week to undo whatever damage I manged to do over Christmas proper with all the delicious but bad for you food and shrink my appetite back to something approaching reasonable for a person of my size. I’m really, really hoping I can knock my total holiday gain down to a net of 2 pounds or less by New Year’s Day.  That I can manage to knock off by mid January.  I think.  Then it’s down to SERIOUS EFFORT to get back to my low from 2 years ago.  :is determined:

5 thoughts on “Operation Goddess In Training Update

  1. I haven’t even gotten on the scale yet. I dread it, but I don’t think it’s going to be too bad. I think I’m going to start making a schedule next year for exercising, writing, etc. without being so rigid that I freak out if something deviates.

    That Wii game sounds good…what a great Christmas present! Although, I can’t see how 2 minutes of jumping jacks can be moderate. LOL

    Good luck with your efforts. I hope I’ll be right there with you!

  2. I put on more weight than I want to admit after I got married last year, and I’ve been seriously working at taking it off now for about 2.5 months with what I consider decent progress. I think the holidays set me back a bit though 🙂

    I hadn’t heard about lemon water before. I’d love to know more about that. How much lemon to how much water? And it’s supposed to flush out the sodium that our bodies tend to retain?

    1. It’s just a diuretic. How much lemon is entirely up to you. But it’s important to continue to drink lots of plain water so your body will keep releasing stuff.

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