Muzzy Headed

Wow, I am full of all kinds of fail getting blog posts up at a reasonable hour this year.  I hadn’t even thought about it until now.  But in my defense I am very muzzy headed today.  Hubby called and asked me to bring him something on my way to work.  So I did that, and realized about ten minutes later that I was almost back home instead of on my way to my own office.  Oops.

I have, strangely, been freakishly productive despite the muzzy head.  Crossing off all kinds of things on the To Do list at work, and even spewed out 347 words over breakfast this morning (morning writing rarely happens for me–mostly because these days the bulk of my morning is full of workout).  So…yay.

But being muzzy, I have nothing of particular interest to say, other than “Hi!” so I direct you to the awesome post by Jenny Hansen over at the ROW80 Blog about whether you fear your dream and leave you with this amazing video of trick riding, which I can actually call research because the heroine in my YA can actually do this stuff.  Anybody have a guess as to why so many of the amazing trick riders are Canadian?

3 thoughts on “Muzzy Headed

  1. Muzzy Headed! I love it.. That is what I will say to myself from now on if I ever have an off day. And wow what an amazing video. I can’t think of why most of the riders would be Canadian..

    Great post!

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