Sunday Summary and #ROW80 Update

  1. It was a good week, writing wise.  I wound up with a total of 4318 words with only one missed writing day, averaging 720 words a day (on the days I wrote).  I got through a really pivotal scene that’s finally getting my heroine into the headspace I understand.
  2. I joined #WIP500, which is a lovely new addition to my existing goals.  Just another layer of motivation.
  3. I treated myself to new exercise clothes for the first time in nearly a decade.  All new socks, sports bras, yoga pants, and some t-shirts.  Will still need shorts, but they aren’t quite out yet since it’s, you know, January.  I only got in jogs on Tuesday and Wednesday, as Thursday it was raining, and yesterday we had to do massive cleaning because my mom came down for the weekend.
  4. Last night we all played Scrabble.  Like the actual board game version with nothing electronic where we had to actually use our brains.  I got my butt handed to me.  All because my last 8 turns I had nothing but letters worth 1 point.  It was a conspiracy I tell you.  Then we played Sorry! and all three of us won one round.  I confess, I am a crappy loser.  I’m used to wiping the floor with anybody on board games.  Which is why absolutely no one will play ANY kind of trivia game with me.
  5. Been doing a lot of cooking this weekend.  I made an attempt at chocolate ricotta mousse using this recipe.  The simple syrup just defeated me.  The first batch turned into rock candy and the second hardened on the side of the mixing bowl rather than going down to be mixed into the ricotta.  Finally the lovely @fourchickens said she’d never heard of a mousse starting with simple syrup and suggested I just use sugar.  The end result was tasty but was kind of like liquid brownie.  Clearly mousse is not supposed to be lumpy like brownie batter.  Otherwise whipped up a loaf of regular sourdough, gluten free sourdough, sausage balls, gluten free waffles, and I need to make a batch of hot dog buns, but I’m not sure if that’s going to make it on the list.  Was also going to make a gluten free apple brown betty, but nobody had room after the behemoth hickory smoked cheddar stuffed burgers we had for dinner with sweet potato fries.
  6. We have a new rug for the bedroom.  This is a nice thing for my mom to do as we’ve been living with a rug with a big hole in it (courtesy of Callie as a puppy…which was like…3 or 4 years ago).  We’ve just never done anything about it because it means we have to move EVERYTHING out of the bedroom in order to swap it out and that’s a MASSIVE pain in the butt.  But we’re going to do it because I made the egregious mistake of looking behind the bed and seeing 5 years’ accumulation of dust and dog hair.  EEP!  So that’s on the list.  Meanwhile, we’re off to the grocery, as mom has requested reruns of last night’s burgers.

4 thoughts on “Sunday Summary and #ROW80 Update

  1. Oh, man, those burgers sound awesome! Oh, and by the way, if you don’t want the rock candy made from your simple syrup, you could always send it my way. I love rock candy. 🙂

    You’re really rocking on the writing goals, aren’t you? Yay! It sounds like you’re gaining momentum.

    And the exercise clothes…I think it helps you WANT to exercise when you buy the cool clothes. I might have to try that. I’m still thinking about that running/jogging thing.

  2. Great job on the writing progress… 🙂 And I love the new exercise clothes idea.. maybe a shopping trip is just the sort of thing to get back into working out.

    And I. Love. Scrabble! 🙂 If you are on Facebook check out Words With Friends.. I play with my sister all the time.
    Good job, Kait! Keep rockin’ the ROW!

  3. This sounds great, Kait!

    I love the twitter sprints and writing groups. Great tool!

    I always feel so much better working out in cute clothes–I am thinking about getting rid of all my old running t-shirts. Only thinking, though… 🙂

    Love your writing progress, and a new rug can change the whole feel of a room!

    Yum. Burgers. 🙂

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