Sunday Summary and #ROW80 Update

  1. Today is a Do All The Things day.  I’ve got a behemouth case of spring cleaning fever today.  Got a huge box of stuff ready to go to Goodwill, moved a bunch of other random crap to the vacated tubs under the bed, tossed a bunch of ancient shoes I forgot I even owned that should’ve gone the way of the dodo ages ago, and got the second load of laundry going.  In a little bit I’ll be starting on some gluten free English muffins for hubs, writing up a guest post, writing a LOOOOOONG overdue thank you note, finishing 2 more loads of laundry, changing the sheets, finishing the dishes, and getting the house clean for the company that’s coming for dinner.
  2. I woke up hella early.  No idea why.  But 7:20, I was awake.  So I went on and did my run.  It was 22 degrees outside and still, by halfway through, I was down to my t-shirt.  Did I mention I really hate being hot?  I tried out my new running shoes–a pair of Asics Nimbus 12s.  I hit up the local sporting goods store and did a bunch of trying on earlier in the week and discovered the difference between the sale running shoes for $40 and the $120 ones.  It’s called CUSHION and SUPPORT.  With that in mind, I came home to find the same model for a bit cheaper (and actually in my size WIDE, which no one carries locally).  It’s not the same model exactly, but uses the same gel technology and are way more comfortable than the walking shoes I’ve been using (which are themselves comfortable for their intended purpose of walking).  Yesterday I returned the Avias I’d ordered from JC Penney and was surprised to find that they even refunded my shipping!  Kudos to them!
  3. The writing has been going well, despite some interruptions. Wednesday: 713.  Thursday nothing because I put together my new exercise bike.  Friday nothing because it was total lunacy all day at work and I just couldn’t focus in the evening.  But Saturday: 1652 and this morning a solid 954, so I’ve made up for the two days I missed and am pleased.  I’m coming up hard on the FPP and really feel like I’m hitting a groove with this book.  It’s always nice to get to that point.
  4. It’s going to be another crazy week at work, so keeping my head in the story may be a challenge.  I only have limited brainpower, you know?  But we do what we can and that’s that.  Off to check the dryer.

5 thoughts on “Sunday Summary and #ROW80 Update

  1. Yesterday, I did some cleaning out of things. I cleaned out a drawer of “delicate” clothing and filled up a whole kitchen type trash bag full. How did that drawer hold all that??? Isn’t is a great feeling to so some of that spring cleaning?

    Let us know if you continue to like your running shoes. I can’t find any kind of shoe that doesn’t make my feet hurt. I would love to get back to the part walking, part running I used to do. That’s great that you’re continuing to run. Maybe you don’t hate it as much as you used to…. 🙂

    Great job on the writing!

  2. [counts on fingers] running, writing, cleaning, baking, two blog posts.
    Darn, now I feel guilty. I went out for breakfast, visited a relative in the hospital, finished a book, and got an advance blog post done. Hope to write before bed. And I’ve got laundry, too!

  3. The right shoes for the job can make a big difference. Enjoy the new running shoes!

    You got a lot done this week — household and writing. It’s always nice to hit that groove. Best wishes for another great ROW80 week!

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