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Yesterday on Twitter, while I was in the midst of an eye-twitch inducing day at work, one of my pals and I got into a mutual discussion of La Nora love and how there are particular books/series of hers we like to reread because we want to go back to the setting.  Sort of a book vacation.  Which is the mark of a good book, isn’t it?  One that totally pulls you into its reality?

The Irish Jewels and Born In trilogies, for example, are the only way I can afford to go to Ireland every year.  I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve reread these and gone back to Ardmore or County Clare.

via Wikimedia Commons by Tobias Helfrich

I’ve made several trips back to Chesapeake Bay country visiting the Quinn family.  Damn, now I want some blue crab…

Via Wikimedia commons by Unixluv

And who could forget Three Sisters Island?  You know you wanna hang out in Mia’s bookstore and have some of Nell’s awesome baked goods.

Ok, really Martha’s Vinyard, but this is how I picture it. Via Wikimedia Commons by Andrew Euell

Where are some of your favorite book vacations and what do you read to go there?

8 thoughts on “Book Vacations

  1. I really need to read some Nora. I might pick up an audiobook at the library. I used to think Nora Roberts was too sappy and too “regular romance” for me. Something my mom reads. But if you like her, I should give her a chance. I really did like the Three Sister Trilogy. Those are about the witches, right?

    1. LL- I thought that if so many people like Nora, then I couldn’t possibly. How dumb is that? I was wrong, obviously.

      I’m not much of a re-reader anymore, but I’m visiting Narnia again at the moment.

  2. I wouldn’t mind the chance to visit Rome or Dublin in the year 2059-2060, along with Eve and Roarke. But then I’d have to visit NYC to meet Peabody, Mavis, Feeney, Dr. Mira, Dennis Mira, McNab, Trueheart, Louise, Charles, Summerset, Crack, Baxter, Nadine, Morris and everybody else. I still want Baxter and Trueheart to get girls of their own. Baxter is so funny and Trueheart is adorable.

  3. Gorgeous! I love rereading The Shell Seekers for London, An Enchanted April, for Italy, and of course time vacations – love the 1930s England of Sayers and Wodehouse and Agatha Christie…

  4. egads, Kait, that martha’s vineyard pic, —-now I wanna go. 😉 LOL. Honestly, I’m knee deep into fantasy fiction, so I rarely come across books with real places that I want to visit (mentally or physically). However, I’ve always been curious about Scotland, and Norway so I get a fix or two whenever I want by reading historical romances by Johanna Lindsey. Or Anne of Green Gables. Wouldn’t mind visiting Prince Edward Island or Nova Scotia. I also wouldn’t mind visiting some places I plan to write about in the future (South Pacific and New Zealand). GREAT POST. simply LOOOOVVE the pics! May have to check out some of the books/authors you have mentioned above.

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