Midweek Check-in

Dear God in heaven, no one should be awake at this hour of the dark.  In fact, I was 45 minutes ago.  At what is really 4 o’clock in the damned morning.  Because as the only team member at Evil Day Job without a kid, I don’t get asked if I’d like to travel, I just get sent, and I have to be 2 hours away at 8:30 for one of our projects.  Given that this is happening the brutal week we shift to Daylight Savings Time (which is obscenely early and should not be happening until after Easter), I am NOT a happy Kait.

There is much profane muttering going on as I ingest my tea and try to figure out how to prop my eyelids open with stilts.

I’m packing something for breakfast because there’s no possible way I can actually EAT right now.  UGH.

This is not natural.

DABWAHA voting is open, but my bracket is not yet up.  I believe they are supposed to be posting a schedule as to what is going up when, but this first round with all 64 finalists will be voted on in 2 bracket sets, each open for 12 hours apiece.  Right now it’s 2 pairs from the Historical category.  It’ll shift at noon to, I suppose, the other 4 from that category and they’ll have until midnight. Red will be up either Thursday or Friday.  I’m hoping for Friday, as I’m on the road AGAIN on Thursday (:more profane mutterings:).  Rest assured as soon as voting goes up for Red you will be hearing from me via every social media outlet I’m on.  I’m going to need every RT, facebook share, reblog, and friend ambush “You must vote for Kait!” y’all can give me if I’m going to stand a chance.  Be ready.

In other news, I’m finally back to writing prose, after nothing for several days, plotting for two, a day of fresh prose on the new novella, and now yesterday back to DOTH.  I did a full read-through to get myself back in the story and holy crap, I love this book.  I mean seriously.  Magic and horses and broody cowboys?  What’s not to love?

I have to get on the road and continue to think ugly thoughts about my boss, who is still asleep in bed like sane, reasonable people.

9 thoughts on “Midweek Check-in

  1. Yeah, I get sent on trips, too. Luckily, I haven’t had any for awhile. Although, some of them are pretty cool. But the getting up early is the worst part!

    We’re all waiting anxiously for that voting to start! 🙂

  2. Nothing like being volunTOLD for work related events. I was enjoying a little light in the mornings – and now it’s back to darkness and my body doesn’t understand why I’m not in bed still. Neither do I, actually.

    Drive safe and continued good luck with RED’s reign! 🙂

  3. This daylight savings thing has got to go. I have been up at 5 am every day since it changed and that has made me very, very grumpy. I can’t wait to vote for Red, such an awesome book!

  4. Daylight savings time is a blight upon my soul. I’ve been grumpypants all week because of it, and exhausted to boot.

    Good luck on DABWAHA! I just bought Red last week and look forward to reading it. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you. 🙂

  5. This line right here is it: “Magic and horses and broody cowboys.” Yes, please. Best wishes for a smooth day on the road. We’ll be back here voting for you and cheering you on. Glad you got some writing this time this week! I love that fresh goosepimply feeling as you start to write a book you love.

  6. I cast my vote for you. Good luck with it.

    The clock doesn’t change for another week over here. The worst thing about it is with kids. You loose sleep either way it jumps. You either loose that hour because it jumps forward on you, or you loose the hour because it jumps backwards and the kids are up at 4am, because to them, it is still 5am.

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