Ode To #TeamKait–WE WON!

I’m posting late this morning due to the fact that a) I didn’t get home from the Evil Day Job last night until 10:40 and decided to stay up until the polls closed (I totally took off work today), b) stayed up an hour after that discussing plot stuff with hubby (who was totally on a roll with ideas), c) ate a bunch of crap yesterday because I was on the road, d) there might have been a celebratory White Russian with cake flavored vodka and generally I am feeling not 100% physically this morning.


We won the first bracket!!!!!

Not only did we win the first bracket, but #TeamKait put me in the lead from the get go yesterday and KEPT ME THERE ALL DAY LONG, despite my being on the road for Evil Day Job.


I can’t begin to describe to you how awesome this is and how this makes me feel.  I’m so often brought up as an example for social media.  I’ve got large followers, great numbers, Klout, or whatever.  But really, they’re just numbers.  So often we wind up thinking we have a certain level of reach and then find out that–yeah, not so much.

But y’all proved that I actually DO have reach.  Because y’all AREN’T just numbers.  You’re PEOPLE.  You’re FRIENDS (which would be the big difference between me and a lot of other folks–I actively try to make FRIENDS with my followers).  And you totally hijacked every computer, smartphone, and IP address you could find to support me yesterday.  If I could send you all chocolate chip cookies, I so would.

This is such an amazing achievement for me.  My little book went on to beat a very well received (and quite enjoyable) traditionally published book.  All because of you.  And now it moves on to face the juggernaut that is Veronica Roth’s Divergent.  Which, interesting to me, did NOT actually win by as big a margin as Red did over Anna Dressed In Blood.  She actually finished with only about 8 votes more than me.

:mischievous grin:

Think we can do it again?

Round 2 operates much as Round 1, broken into 4 sets with 4 votes per set.  Starts tomorrow.  They haven’t yet posted the schedule, but believe you me, as soon as I know whenRed’s next bracket is, I will be letting all of YOU know!


10 thoughts on “Ode To #TeamKait–WE WON!

  1. I’m really happy for you! I popped in to check on the poll a few times last night, but wasn’t sure what time the voting ended. Major gratz! Will be ready when you call on us again for round 2!

    Laura Ritchie

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