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I’ve been staring at a blank screen this morning having one of those rare days when I have no idea what to blog about.  I’m sleepy.  Dozed for 20 minutes after the alarm went off and then still kept falling asleep during all the floor poses of my yoga routine.  I don’t know why I’m having so much more trouble than usual adjusting to Daylight Savings Time this year.  I’m usually switched over by now, but I’ve been shuffling around like a zombie for two weeks.  Maybe I’m just tired after all the excitement of DABWAHA and bummed after the disappointment over our house (our whale ended up not biting). I buried St. Joseph in the pouring rain the other day, said the petition, got through “Amen” and had a big KABOOM of thunder in response.  I’ll just be grateful that I wasn’t struck down for not being Catholic.

I’m struggling to get back into routine with DOTH.  I had wanted to be done with Act 2 by the start of Round 2 of ROW80, but I don’t think that’s going to happen.  I’m too distractable and missed too many writing days in March.  And I’ve been wallowing in reading great books.  Just finished Leigh Bardugo’s Shadow and Bone, which is so going on my Best Books Read in 2012 list.  Epic and amazing.  I totally locked my office door and read all yesterday morning to finish because I HAD TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENED.  It’s got one of my Top 10 Favorite Confessions of Love scenes EVAR.  And I just dipped a toe into Sarah Rees Brennan’s Unspoken, which, in true Sarah style, is awesome.  But, hey, refilling the well, right?

I realized this morning that one of the reasons I haven’t lost much weight the last few months is that for five months I’ve had my lunches taken up by visits to the chiropractor 3 days a week, meaning I haven’t been able to do my lunch workouts.  Those extra 100-150 calories a day burned add up.  I’ve got my reassessment at end of next week where I hope and pray that 3 months of traction protocols will be enough to have corrected my neck curve.  I’m ready to have my lunches back.  For workouts.  For writing.  I’d like to try splitting my days some so that I can work on Mirus novellas at lunch and my regular projects in the evenings.  Not sure if my brain will agree with that idea, but it’s worth a try.

In looking at sales this morning, I was mulling that the ideal release span seems to be about 6 months (or shorter, if you’re one of those who can write fast).  Not that I’ve managed that given my schedule, but it seems like sales tend to rise and rise and rise and peak around 6 months before starting to lag.  A new release of some kind on that kind of schedule would be a nice thing to aim for.  Given the insanely busy nature of my life, I have no idea if I could pull it off (particularly given my propensity toward wanting to write longer work), but it’s nice to have goals, right?  We all know I love goals.

There, I have babbled long enough.  Perhaps tomorrow I shall have something sensible to say.  Oh, in other news, I had an interview over at Passing the Pages  and my first column at Curiosity Quills Press is up.  I actually had a brain those days.


6 thoughts on “Friday Babble

  1. Concerning the release schedule…I’m not sure there is a norm. Some of my books have risen, peaked, and declined like you mentioned. Yet, Haunted Lake didn’t START really selling until about six months after release and then went crazy after that. I don’t think that is the norm, though, so the six month release date makes a lot of sense.

    I’m sorry you didn’t sell the house, but there’s still hope. Somebody, an individual or young couple, will be able to deal with the one bathroom.

    It’s amazing how important those lunches can be. I use mine to do writerly stuff, and it’s so hard this time of year. Where do you do your lunch workouts? I’ve thought about going down to the Y to walk on their track (It’s about a mile from my office), but then I’ll miss the writer stuff I need to do. Again…I wish we could write full time!

    1. Just home like I do the rest of it. I’ll do a round of boxing or some weighted hula hooping or a sprint on the bike while I’m waiting on lunch to cook or thaw or whatever. It’s not like a huge intensive thing, just about 20 minutes of some kind of cardio to give me a middle of the day boost.

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