Sunday Summary and #ROW80 Update

  1. Well I’m up a bit earlier than I wanted to be, but I did at least get some sleep this weekend.  It’s been a rough couple of weeks between first worry and then just getting adjusted to having Daisy home in her current condition.  We’re learning her new schedules with meds, rotation, PT, food, water, and potty, so there are fewer jump up and do points than there were when we first brought her home.  We’re learning the difference between when she’s barking to go out or be flipped and when she’s just barking to be loved on.  It’s like learning a new baby’s cries.  She’s holding up fine and still making progress.  She’s up to about 5 minutes standing with assistance to balance and now when we lay her back on her bed, she keeps trying to catch herself (which is both good and annoying).  We’re kind of caught between being really excited at the small signs of progress we see, and discouraged that it isn’t more.  But it’s only been a week out of the hospital.  It’s going to be about 3 months.  So…11 more weeks, I guess.  She’s sulking right now because I picked the Food Network over one of the garden shows on HGTV.
  2. Hubs and I got a lot done yesterday.  We set our girl up on her bed in the carport while we worked outside (Callie laid down by her in guard dog position and got a little riled every time somebody walked or drove by).  Hubs did the lawn mowing while I recaulked all the outside windows (holy cow, I had no idea that they needed it so badly–mostly because of the dirt dauber nests blocking my view of the edges).  I also hacked out all the old caulk from the bathtub and redid that.  I made a total mess of it last time.  Now it’s all nice and neatly done.  I got the pest control sprayed, and topped the day off by making a massive batch of cheese grits for a friend who’s down in the back.
  3. On the writing front…yeah…  I wrote 2 days this week.  228 one day.  508 the other.  My goal was 250 words a day and that just hasn’t happened.  There’s been LOTS going on and it’s just been hard to focus.  I’m finished with traction except for a once a month visit for checkup (I’ve transitioned to home traction), so I’ll be getting my lunches back next week.  I’m hoping I can kick it into gear to at least get my 250 words a day at that time.  I have 3 and a half scenes until the midpoint, and I’d really like to get there by the end of this month.  That’s somewhere in the neighborhood of 6-7k in 2 weeks, which ordinarily wouldn’t be a big deal but will be a sufficient challenge for me at this point.  If I can squeeze it in today, I think I’ll do another read through to get my brain back in the story.
  4. Operation GIT has been…more about taking care of myself mentally than physically lately.  I’ve been operating at about 50% of my usual workouts the last week or so.  Since Daisy can now sit up to eat on her own now, I was able to get in a few morning workouts at 20-30 minutes, which was nice.  And, since I am, as I said, about to get my lunches back, I should be able to squeeze in a 10-15 minute burst of something on weekdays.  That will help.  On the food front, I think I’m ready to go back to calorie counting.  We’d been trying the Sonoma Diet, and while that works and is delicious, it IS quite expensive.  So hubs has been trying Body By Vi, which is working well for him and I’m going back to my normal (but still gluten free) cooking.  I already did that this week and I think I’ve kind of overloaded on carbs (hello, parmasean polenta THREE TIMES THIS WEEK and a behemouth bowl of hash browns and onions for breakfast yesterday), so it’s time to curb that and count those calories again.
  5. I’m doing some big cooking today, which I really haven’t done in a while.  Making a batch of gluten free hamburger buns, trying this recipe for baked southwest egg rolls, and possibly whipping up a batch of banana bread.  Then I need to take a big inventory of my pantry and freezer and fridge and do some menu planning.  I’m on a bit of a crusade to clear it all out, so there’s no telling what I may wind up making.  This is one of those things I do a couple times a year to try to clear out the stockpile that I haven’t gotten around to using.  It’s easy for stuff to get pushed to the back and forgotten about and then spoil because we naturally put the new stuff in front.  So it’s time.  I think I’ve got some individual veggie lasagnas in the freezer I need to thaw for lunches this week.
  6. And finally, I’ve been doing some thinking a lot lately about women and how there’s all this negativity, self-hate, and general bashing going on about them.  I’ve read a lot of posts about it lately, commented on several, linked y’all to some.  I am all about supporting women and helping them see their own awesome.  And you know I’m all about showcasing strong women in my work.  So I’m thinking this is going to be a new kind of theme here on the blog, something I talk about with more frequency.  I want to talk about what makes women fabulous, highlight some examples of women I think are totally awesome, and just generally try to put out some more positive in the world.

7 thoughts on “Sunday Summary and #ROW80 Update

  1. I’m glad Daisy is getting better. It’s rough when you have a sick pet. It’s so hard to see them suffer, especially when they can’t tell you how they feel. You’ve got so much going on I’m amazed you can write at all. Regarding the negativity towards women, it’s something I see a lot, and something I deal with a lot. I’m constantly worried about my few extra pounds, always overly critical of myself. It’s something I’m really working hard to stop doing. Take care!

  2. Great news on Daisy’s progress, and you’re right, it is like having a kiddo. And just like having a kiddo you’re finding your way 🙂 You have a lot on your plate, even your bad weeks are good ones to the rest of us mortals, and you are inspirational Kait.

    I love the idea of focusing on the positive where women are concerned. I think that’s one of the reasons I love your GIT updates, heck just that title makes me smile.

    Wishing you all the best for the upcoming week, my friend.

  3. I write about strong, sexy, smart women, too. I know there are others who do, as well. Maybe with lots of us putting the positive spin on life issues, women will find a way to be less negative.
    Sorry to hear about your dog. So sad when they’re ill.
    You do have a lot on your plate but you seem to be dealing with it fabulously!

  4. It sounds like Daisy is still improving. I know it seems like it’s going to be a long time, but it’s just great that she CAN get better.

    I’ve got to get back to calorie counting, too. I have a perfectly good app on my phone and I need to use it. I’ve really let myself slip the last couple of weeks. But at least I’m still walking on the treadmill every morning. (almost, LOL). I know you’ll get back on track. You’ve had a LOT going on and a person can only do so much. Even Super Kait. 🙂

  5. It’s hard when the recovery is so slow for your pet. Hang in there with Daisy! Glad you at least got a couple of days of writing in; maybe this week will be better. As to the women issue, I hate in particular when it’s women attacking women. I’ve been a working mom, a part-time mom, and a stay-at-home mom, and I’ve been amazed how volatile that issue can be. I just wanted to say: Life is hard … for all of us; don’t make it harder by picking fights with people. Anyway. I’m interested to see where you go with this topic. Have a great week, Kait!

  6. What a week! I’m glad to hear Daisy is home and showing some improvement. Congratulations on getting some writing done with everything else that’s going on–that’s an accomplishment!

    I’m happy to say that I’ve been seeing some people writing about and speaking out against the negativity surrounding women lately. If we keep speaking out against the negative and speaking up for the positive, I think we will start to make some changes.

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