We Sold Our House–For Real This Time!

So if you’ve been following me on Twitter, you probably already heard about this, but this is the official announcement:

We sold our house.

The home inspection is done, we have a couple of minor repairs to make, our contract is set on the new house (the awesome one we tried to buy last year), and we move Memorial Day weekend.

So excited!

This would be one of the major things taking up my time and attention and blowing up my productivity lately.  There was one other big thing that was an attention suck that’s now out of the way, so I am hoping to get into some kind of packing/writing routine between now and our move.  Then I’ll just be doing nothing for a week or two while I get unpacked and settled.  Because I am That Person who is a neurotic mess until everything is out of boxes.

In the meantime I am becoming a list maniac.  This will be my fourteenth move.  I am very very good at it.  Those Uber Obsessive Organized traits of mine?  Yeah, they really shine here.  So I’m collecting boxes, making lists of supplies, lists of projects for the house over time, lists of what food I need to eat up before we move, etc.  And now, I officially start to pack.

15 thoughts on “We Sold Our House–For Real This Time!

  1. Not gonna lie, I would love to sit there with a bowl of popcorn and watch you work your magic with all those lists and boxes.

    Congrats! <3

  2. Congratulations Kait. We just moved Easter weekend and that was a huge job. We rented a Cube-It locker for the driveway, packed our big stuff in it – and whatever else would fit – then had it moved to the new place where we unpacked. Delicate things went by car or van. We’re still getting reorganized. The housewarming party is this Saturday night and you’re invited – bring your own sleeping bag.

  3. Woot! It HAS been a long time! I hear ya on the “get everything in place” mentality. And making endless lists. Really hard to concentrate on other things (like writing), isn’t it?

    Enjoy your new house – tell us more about it when you get the chance!

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