Operation G.I.T. Update

My inner goddess is not feeling very goddesslike this morning.  Evidently I have acquired the stomach thing that’s been going around.  Joy.  The good news is, I should feel better tomorrow.  Everybody I know that’s had it was just a 24 hour thing.  But raging nausea aside, I am apparently doing something right.  I weighed this morning and over the last six weeks, I’ve dropped 2% body fat.


While I haven’t been formally doing weights, haven’t been running, haven’t been doing at least half what I usually do, I’m down that much?  Apparently the slight calorie restriction and all the Daisy curls and squats related to her daily care have done the trick.  I’m not anywhere near as toned as I’d like to be, but I’m pleased that I’ve still been making progress while the routine’s been massively disrupted.

I also gave some thought to the fact that sometimes you just need to rest, you know?  I read a book a while back on repairing your metabolism and one of the things it stressed was that you start out by doing nothing.  Eating low calorie and allowing your body to recalibrate for something like two or three weeks.  I blew it off because I am really bad at doing nothing (I know you’re so shocked by that).  But maybe there’s something to it.  Lord knows I never slow down until something happens in life to make me.

Since Daisy had her FCE, I’ve been trying to focus really hard on taking care of me while taking care of her.  When hubby broke his leg a couple years ago, I got SO SO run down doing literally everything (I joke about doing everything, but I didn’t know what it was like to REALLY do it until he couldn’t help with anything), and I didn’t want to see that happen again.  Hubby’s been totally awesome, taking on most of the night care duties so I can get sleep (as I just flat don’t function without sleep) during the week so I can actually work.  And since she’s improved and doesn’t take as long to eat, he’s getting up a few minutes earlier to feed her so I can get an extra half hour of sleep in the morning.  Forget jewelry.  That’s love.

T minus fifteen days to move.  My living room currently looks like a liquor store with all the boxes we’ve gotten from there.  Great for glassware!  One of my BFFs is coming Sunday for a packing party and dinner.  She’s paying her way by bringing a dolly FULL of boxes (unfolded ones) from work.  😀

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