One More Day!

T minus less than 24 hours until I leave for Dallas!  Whee!  So excited!

I’ve got my schedule printed out with all the classes I want to attend marked off, as well as the two panels I’m on.  I’ve got social plans from pretty much the moment I hit town to the moment I leave and I’m SO EXCITED.  Though, given I’m an introvert, I’ll probably be happy to quietly move stuff by myself while hubby is at work for the 3 days before closing next week.

Looking at the schedule of events and such at the conference, I’m really surprised at how much of conferencing is around new writers (well perhaps they are not all new writers) looking for representation.  Giving pitches to agents, taking classes about pitches and queries and…all manner of stuff that just sounds kind of stressful.

I am so glad I don’t have to do that.  Because I’d be so nervous I’d probably barf on a prospective agent’s shoes and that just wouldn’t be good for anybody involved.  I’m really excited that I can just go, learn stuff, meet people, and generally wallow in an environment of rampant creative awesome.

I’ve got audiobooks queued up (currently Frank Beddor’s Seeing Redd, second book in The Looking Glass Wars and following up with Nalini Singh’s Play of Passion, which will FINALLY get me up to book 10 and Hawk and Sienna’s story), healthy snacks bought for the drive, all the relevant addresses entered into my GPS, my car gassed up and clean, and my loins generally girded for awesome.

763 words to go to make my goal for the month.

4 thoughts on “One More Day!

  1. I SO wanted to go to this! But it just wasn’t the right time for me. I’ll just be excited for you. 🙂 I hope you have a wonderful time there…I know you will. Take pictures!

  2. Hope to see you there Kait! Will be nice to meet in person. I’ll be wandering around looking lost from about 7:30 am Saturday morning until it’s all over. I might also be the one barfing on an agent’s shoes…

  3. Woo-hoo! I listened to an audiobook on my way here as well — another Thursday Next title from Jasper Fforde. Hilarious for writers at times. I laughed out loud in the car. Looking forward to a great weekend!

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