Sunday Summary

It’s been a busy weekend, hence no post yesterday.

  1. We started unloading the storage unit.  I say started because once we got home with a truck and SUV load, we had no room to bring anything else in until we dealt with what we’d brought.  It was like moving day all over again, except without the empty closets.  I wanted to cry.  Put I persevered for about SIX HOURS, sorting, tossing, relegating to the attic.
  2. I currently have 6 boxes of books to donate to the library.  You will recall I had 40 boxes of them total.  I’m not quite done going through them all.  Getting rid of books is so hard for me.  I LOVE books.  So the idea of getting rid of them when I or someone else might want to read them again is just like “what?”  But IT MUST HAPPEN.  I need about 3 times the bookshelf space that I actually have.
  3. I’m seeing my china for the first time since we got married 9+ years ago.  We’ve never had a place to keep it, so my mom has had it all these years (and she gets MEGA props for her truly stupendous packing job).  Of course I had to re-pack OTHER stuff to put in the attic to make ROOM for said china…
  4. It feels like we have no more room in this house than we did in our last house, despite the extra 1000 square feet.   Most of it is bathrooms, and generally bigger rooms.  And the fact that all sets of parents have now made us take all the crap (and yeah, most of it was crap) they’d been hanging on to for us for YEARS.  Box Mountain the Fourth is gracing our curb.
  5. I got confirmed at the doctor on Friday that I have a big ol’ hole in my eardrum.  I don’t even have a good story to go with it this time.   Yes this time.  I had it happen once before when I was fourteen–THAT time I was in the middle of my lifeguard certification and about 12 feet underwater.  Let me tell you, chlorinated water does not belong in the inner ear.  I didn’t have any such painful mess this time.  I think it just burst in conjunction with the nasty ear infection I had.  I’m off to the ENT specialist on Wednesday to see whether they’re going to patch it or let it heal on its own or what.  It means I get to continue my old deaf woman impression going “Huh?” in response to every other thing being said.
  6. I started running again this week. Finished Week 1 of C25K.  I decided that since my last run was April 2nd, I’d best start over to avoid injuring myself.  It went well, and I’m really glad to be back at it, despite the heat.  Next to add back into the routine are weights.  My old routine was feeling a little bit stale and not giving me the kind of results I wanted, so I’ve been researching alternatives.  The latest thing to pique my interest is the Lady Spartacus Workout.  This is a variation of the popular Men’s Health circuit workout that’s made the rounds of the interwebz.  It’s relatively short (30-40 minutes) and fairly brutal, and hits all the trouble spots for women.  Sounds about right to me.  It’s intended to be done 3 days a week.  Right now I just flat don’t workout on weekends because I’m occupied by other things (like inventing space to store stuff), so I’m going to give this thing a try on the 2 days during the work week that I’m not running.  It’s weightlifting done at a pace that will get your heart rate up like good cardio, so that’s a two birds, one stone kind of thing.  And if it doesn’t kill me, then about the time I finally finish unpacking crap for good, I might be ready to take on a third day a week.  I really don’t have a lot of faith that the Star Burpees and Kettlebell High Pulls aren’t going to kill me.  WHY, by the way, do they call them burpees?  It’s such a stupid name for an exercise.
  7. Things on the writing front have been going pretty well.  I’ve been recruiting sprint partners across all my writing contacts.  I’m just much more productive that way.  I didn’t write Monday (that was the day I was up at 4:30 for work), but Tuesday: 1073; Wednesday: 1500; Thursday: 836; Friday: 1059; and Saturday: 512.  I’ve got about 2 and a quarter scenes to go in this blasted short story, then I can get back to DOTH.  I think I finally found a rhythm with it and got to a place where I give a damn about my heroine and why she’s doing this (kind of a necessary thing when you’re writing something, aye?).  I don’t know how much I’ll get done today, as we’re tied up with Father’s Day activities most of the day, and I have blondies to make.  

6 thoughts on “Sunday Summary

  1. Ugh, Kait, sorry about your ear. Hope you can do something to help it heal faster.
    It seems everyone is moving this summer. About half the people I follow on twitter are moving or just moved, including me 😉 It’s crazy.
    Doing well with your writing! That’s great! Hope you can keep this pace 😉
    Have a great week!

  2. Another place to donate books is your local battered women’s shelter. (They usually need pretty much everything, since they also settle families in new homes.)

    In the meantime, sorry to hear about your ear, and glad things are going well on the writing front!

  3. What is it lately with the ear problems? You’re the second person I’ve read that said she had a punctured eardrum. Take care of yourself. I’m glad your life is getting back to normal and the writing is coming back around.

  4. Man, you and Jenny and the busted eardrums! (If it’s the same side I’m going to die laughing.) Wishing you a speedy recovery. All in all it sounds like a pretty good week and life is getting back to normal. Have a great week Kait 🙂

  5. Sure enough, I was just over at Jenny’s blog and now you have a busted eardrum too. I’m so sorry for you. Hope you feel better soon.

    I also wish you lived closer so I could peruse through those 6 boxes of books to see if there’s anything I want. 😉 Great progress on the writing front. Have a great week, Kait!

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