Final Check-In ROW80 Round 2, 2012

So technically tomorrow is the last day of the round, but I’m accustomed to checking in on Wednesday, so I’ll go ahead and write it up today.  It’s been a crazy round.  I already talked in the closing inspirational post over at ROW80 about the insanity that visited me this round, so instead I’ll talk about what I accomplished.

Frankly, I lost track of what my goals were.  I just kept trying to do something, sometime.

Round 2 began April 2nd (incidentally, the date of my last run until last week).  In April, (aka the month from hell), I racked up 6,094 words over 15 writing days.  In May I knocked out 10,049 words, also in 15 writing days.  The latter half of the month I was out of town or moving, so writing just flat didn’t happen.  In June, up to this point, I’ve knocked out 9,934 words in 10 writing days.  That works out to… :does the math: 26077 words in 40 writing days, which works out to 652 words average on those days and 334 words daily over the round counting all days.  I can live with that, considering.

During this round, I got halfway through DOTH and finished a short story (praise the muses) for the YA anthology I was invited to contribute to.  Not as much as I wanted to get done, certainly, but not shabby.

And in the last week, I’ve consistently written every day (except Sunday), regularly hitting over 1k a day, so I feel like I’ve finally gotten back into a writing groove, which will serve me in good stead as I move forward and push to knock out DOTH in this next round.  I’m steadily working my way back through C25K on the running front, and this week have officially started the Lady Spartacus workout (OH MY ACHING ABS), so I’m on track on a fitness front.  I’m still generally eating more than I should (not crap, just big portions), but I can’t bring myself to care much.  I’d rather work out harder and get to keep eating.  We’re down to one last load of crap in storage that needs to come home and another load that all needs to get tossed.  THE END IS NIGH wherein all the unpacking will be FINISHED.  So I have high hopes for Round 3.

4 thoughts on “Final Check-In ROW80 Round 2, 2012

  1. Next round will be better for both of us. I’m writing 1K or more most days now, too. Writing and exercising is picking up for both of us. I know someone else who’s doing the Lady Spartacus workout, and it sounds like it’s REALLY a workout.

    Good luck next round!

  2. Grats on the words, Kait! Progress is all that really matters.

    I started Paleo/Crossfit (sort of) this round, and I’m right there with you about the “eating more/working out more” part. I hate feeling like I’m not getting enough food. And I’ve found some pretty awesome Paleo recipes that have (mostly) curbed my cravings.

    I’m totally looking forward to next round. Thank you so much for everything!

  3. I like the idea of standing back at the end of a round and seeing the whole thing. Some weeks may have been awful, some great, but it’s the overall progress that matters in the 80 days. With this challenge, I have definitely seen more progress. Best wishes on the 1k/days! And I find that I eat way more when I exercise regularly, but it’s okay because I’m in shape and burning it.

    See you in Round 3!

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