Rainy Day Ruminations

It’s raaaaining, it’s raaaaaining [sung to the tune of It’s Log from Ren and Stimpy…anybody remember that?  I have no idea why that’s stuck in my head this morning].  We’re going on day number…I don’t know how many.  Which is, I guess, a good thing as we were suffering drought conditions before that and now my fruit trees wont’ die.  I’m afraid my potted roses might DROWN though.  Really must remember to drag the pot UNDER the overhang of the back porch…  Looking at the 10 day forecast, it’s thunderstorms from here on out.  No idea when hubby will get a chance to mow again.

While I appreciate the break in the heat wave (thank you God), this is the kind of weather that makes me want to put on soft jazz and curl up in my favorite chair and read with an unending cuppa tea at my elbow.  It also makes me want WINTER and cold weather and all sorts of things like a break that I won’t be getting any time soon.  But I did wind up taking last night off from writing to read another big chunk of Simply Irresistible (aptly named), which I finished over breakfast this morning.  Happy happy.  And OMG being attacked by RABID PLOT BUNNEHS for my contemporary series.  :scribbles furiously:

I had both a breakthrough and a setback on DOTH yesterday.  The breakthrough was figuring out what was missing from the second half and getting those planned scenes laid into the outline.  The setback was figuring out that most everything I have between the Midpoint and the second Pinch Point was…boring.  And my brain did not actually sort out what to go there during my writing block yesterday–hence the reading instead.  But that’s what I’m on today.  There’s…some kind of logic step I’m missing in there for one, and then I have my characters doing research on some stuff because they don’t trust the guy who gave them the big revealing info at the midpoint.  But any time you have characters doing research you walk a very very dangerous line.  Because research, while necessary from a real life logic kind of standpoint, is not really active, not conflict, and not interaction.  Hence, boring.

And other than one thing I know needs to happen between those two points, I’m…kind of stuck.  I’ll figure it out.  I always do, but in the meantime, it is SO not helping the rabid plot bunny invasion where they’re all hopping around squeaking “Look at me!  I’ll be simpler!  I’ll be easier!  Don’t you just want to cuddle me?”

Yes, yes, I do.

I mean, no.  No, I want the difficult, hard to write book.  :eyes cute fluffy plot bunneh:

Sometimes pushing one’s own envelope is so freaking hard…

2 thoughts on “Rainy Day Ruminations

  1. Uh oh, I’m in trouble…there is research going on in my WIP. But I didn’t really elaborate on it until they actually FOUND something. LOL. Besides, they were always doing research on Buffy. 🙂

    I’m loving this rain. We needed it so badly. I think your potted rose will be fine as long as you have drain holes in the pot. Almost all my roses are in pots, and they tend to need more water than the ones in the ground.

    Do you ever work on two books at a time? I usually don’t, but when those plot bunnies start yapping (if rabbits actually yapped) in your ear, should you tune them out until later, or work on two projects simultaneously?

    1. I’d LIKE to be able to work on two projects at once but prior attempts haven’t gone well. I think I might could do it if both projects were in the same POV (both in third or both in first), but right now I have my YA in first and everything else I want to write in third and my brain just doesn’t do well flipping back and forth.

      I think research can work as long as there’s other things going ON in the scene. Character development, being attacked by demons…whatever.

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