Sick Day Plotting

Well I’m posting late today.  I’m home sick.  Well, home finally, anyway.  I woke up drowning in sinus drainage this morning and went in to the doc’s office as a walk-in at 9 this morning.  It took 3 and a half hours before I got out of there.  So then I drive across town to my usual pharmacy, turn in the prescriptions, sit down to wait there.  Then get called to the desk to find out that the one I really need is apparently some kind of special compound that they only mix at the in house pharmacy attached to the doctor’s office where I got the prescription.  So nice of the doctor to actually MENTION THAT before I friggin left.  So then I drive BACK across town to get the stuff and finally walk in the door starving to death about five hours later.  Thank God for leftovers.

Upside, I plotted most of the first in a YA post-apocalyptic trilogy while hanging out in the waiting room surrounded by screaming babies.  God knows when that would actually hit the pipeline to write, but it was better than getting a migraine or having my eyeballs bleed from boredom between turns in Matching With Friends on my phone and general disgust with all the political tripe going on on the TV.

And now I really need a nap.

5 thoughts on “Sick Day Plotting

  1. Aww- so sorry you’re under the weather! But good for you for being productive anyway. Wish I could say the same… *sigh* I really miss my motivation. I think it took a vacation for the summer.

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