The Great Catch Up and #ROW80 Update

The catch-22 of being off work for any reason for more than a day is that when you do come back, you are inevitably BEHIND.  I’m definitely feeling better but the initial frantic push of the morning has left me weak and shaky.  My work inbox is cleared, my students dealt with (because of COURSE the new semester started Monday), my first meeting with my boss out of the way, and my To Do list made.

Can I have a nap now?

I feel fuzzy, like my brain is hobbling around my head in a pair of cuddly bunny slippers, carrying a still full mug of coffee.  It’s not an unpleasant sensation, actually.  There’s no room in the fuzz for the frenetic ticker of thoughts that is usually scrolling through at the speed of light.  Sometimes it’s nice to be quiet.

I did write while I was home.  Not a lot.  There was a lot of reworking of a scene to try to make it a proper scene and not a massive info dump.  Sunday: 447: Monday: 734 Tuesday:  639.  I left off last night because I wasn’t sure what came next.  I needed to clarify my (and my characters’) goals at this point in the story and figure out what I needed to show between this point and PP2 before moving forward.  That’s percolating (I hope) in the back of my brain.

I finished Under the Never Sky during breakfast this morning and immediately wanted number two (not due out until January, sadly).  The romance in this book is quite understated, but I felt like it was that much more profound because of what wasn’t said.  Maybe that’s me reading my own emotions into the characters, but oh, it was lovely.  Next up, I’m going to actually see if I can tolerate the present tense of the Hunger Games.  

9 thoughts on “The Great Catch Up and #ROW80 Update

  1. Hope you are feeling better – being ill is such an ambition stealer. Tea. Blankiets. Kleenex. Sleep. I don’t get much beyond those creature comforts when under the weather.

    And all the best as you ‘percolate’…Ha! That’s such a great word. Have a good day, Kait.

  2. Percolating is a great thing to do, Kait. Fuels everything up!

    On a different note, where are you teaching? I don’t get any students until next Monday.

      1. Abnormal psych! I’ve always wanted to take that, but when I was in college, it always filled up too quickly (pout).

        Right now I’m a math lab instructor at Valencia College in Orlando, Florida.

  3. Back to work huh. Good luck catching up! I returned from vacation to an inbox of 100 emails! Insane or what?!

    Nice work getting your words out! Hope they keep coming and that you feel better. Drink more tea!

  4. I’ve been ill with the flu over the last couple of weeks, understand totally. I’m impressed you got your words out.

  5. Nice job on writing through your illness. It is hard to believe that it’s time for another semester to start, and as I have mentioned before, I’m glad my teaching days are behind me. Your students are lucky to have you even if it is not always immediately apparent. Really, Kait, years later you may have some wonderful surprises. Have a great semester and good for you for keeping up the daily writing.


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